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The main idea of this is to have 3 players in an adventure. You choose a theme, name and create a legendary creature for your character.

Every time the story progresses, you will face a challenge that you have to solve using a card that fits your characters theme. Each character that doesn't sufficiently counter that car loses one life. You have 3 life at the start of the game. (you die when you lose all your life)

There will be the occasional quest decision that requires you to make a story choice that could effect what the next challenge is.

I am aware that this is a pretty new idea so there will be issues throughout and undoubtedly confusion, just bear with me. Make sure you join soon because the game starts the moment 3 people join!

Players are:


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    I'll Join.
    Theme: Token Grave
    Name: Hallaasna, One with the Wild
    Card: image

    Do all characters face the same challenges?
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    Theme--RNG bomb (gambling for power)

    Name--Drakuni, Lord of Broken Time

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    I'm in.

    Theme~Kill on sight.

    Name~Lyxendra Spiteweaver

  • Ah, we have our members then!
    Looks like a 4-player game, ah well should still work.

    @SpiritDragon Yes, they travel as a group but are attacked individually, take your time with the character! We don't want rushed products

    Also all make sure that your character isn't story ruining (don't fight the story, let it happen)
  • If someone dies, are they eliminated? And if so, can another player join in their place?
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    @Brainifyer Yes they are. And when they die they can choose to create a new character or just get a replacement player.

    Current players are:
    @Brainifyer (i think)

    I am now far over the initial limit, so if your reading this thread for the first time i'm afraid you can't join.
  • Theme: Death is just a feeling!

    Name: Vionek Daemek, Spirit Unbroken


  • @creepybeagle If 5 is too many people I won't join right now
  • I'm guessing the only person who still needs to enter is SpiritDragon and, possibly, Brainifyer.
  • @NokiSkaur
    Yes, thats correct. But i don't think Brainifyr will be playing.

    All of your cards are looking good guys, i can see the personalities clearly through the art and abilities.
  • @creepybeagle

    SpiritDragon won't be available until Monday.
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    I know, we'll have to be patient, but while we're waiting we may as well go through a practice fight. Ill get some not-good cards ready and a really rudimentary/reusable story ready for a once off fight.
  • @creepybeagle

    Sure, that would work. It would be useful to get a feel for this challenge.
  • @NokiSkaur

    This is a practice fight to pass the time (im sure you are all perfectly busy otherwise but still). This is in no way starting the game and will not affect the real game.

    You approach the dusty hallway with wide eyes (or sockets) as you look at the currently still statues. Heeding the warnings from the old sage you know the true secrets of the castle defence system. it's not for keeping people out, it's for keeping them in.
    You came here to "rescue" a piece of parchment from the royal library, one that should tell you the location of the next attack and how best to stop it.

    As you continue to walk past, a large noise breaks the tension. The noise of three very angry gargoyles who's purpose in life, is to take no prisoners...

    All players will be fighting:
    And must each create a counter.
  • EEP!, sorry all!

    Guard-goyle only stops creatures going into the hand (ability still activates on leave battlefield though)
  • Lyxendra Spiteweaver presents her answer.

  • image

    Certainly not a full counter, but it's quite difficult to make a direct counter with RNG. Not without completely breaking it, at least.
  • Good thing that Vionek brought his lantern into this hallway! Kekekeke!

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    I think I'm ready now.
  • @SpiritDragon , cool

    Everybody should see a story and a challenge by the end of the day
  • @creepybeagle
    When are you going to post the challenge?
  • whoopsies, got distracted
  • The past few days have grown weary and monotonous as the caravan of trader you hired to cross the valley is slowed by constant road issues.

    You and your group have been travelling for many days to reach the capitol, Nortistagg, in order to report to the king. You are part of the kings, Falthir's, new plan to quell the sudden surge of rebellious activity throughout the region. Upon reaching your first target you discover that it was simply peasants wanting somebody to get rid of a slime infestation, an easy enough problem to fix. But it was not the rebel faction, and it was tiring for all those who have muscle.

    The caravan gets going again, much to your pleasure, and makes its way towards the last major obstacle in the way of Nortistagg, the unknown forest of Morth. This place is the only area of the known world not to have been mapped, and that's not because of the lack of effort. The great spider queen, who has yet to be seen but from the eyes of maniacs and dead men.

    As the caravan approaches the forest, you hear the driver of the nearest cart shout "No talk'n in th' forest, an' not so much a step off th' path or we'll all be spider food!". He was more correct than he thought, the lack of sleep and complaints of the passengers meant that the caravan set up camp in the middle of the forest, one of the young horses breaks free of its reins and runs of into the forest...

    Spiders, blood, darkness.

    All characters will be fighting:
    (create a counter for both)
  • Do we have to create a card for each, or one card to deal with both?
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    This combats the second one first then uses the tokens to combat the Goliath Spider.
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    @lujikul , you have to make a separate counter for both cards. Sorry @spiritdragon
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