New plane: Valkuzov

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Hi! I'm actually thinking about a new plane called Valkuzov.
Here some quick details:
Theme/inspiration: Warmachine, warhammer 40k, C&C red alert 3(soviet faction),valkyria chronicle
A world of steampunk/dieselpunk at war.
Sovdor's union(soviet) : RWB
Gallar's republic( human,elf,ect ally):GWU
Necryx's nation (lich and necromancer):BGU
Scyros's alliance(elf, wild animal and ancien machine):RGW
Menerial's empire(human, spirit and mechanic angel):RUW

If someone has idea for cards mecanic or have interest for making art, tell me.


  • @cleriyou
    I'd recommend a different name as nobody will want to say that.
  • I'll think about that.
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    I also left some feedback on your custom mechanic in the following thread.
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    Ok, so what about: Valkuzov,
    But the concept looks decent?
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    It's up to you. I'm not a fan of Warhammer in general, so I can only give suggestive opinions on that. Otherwise, it looks okay but doesn't have too many details specified.

    Although, I am a fan of steampunk.
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    Just tried to make three lands cycle cards. Is 'three nontoken artifacts' balanced enough, because the plane is seemingly brimmed with artifacts and such. Almost like Kaladesh...

    image image image

  • I was thinking about using lot of artifact like in Kaladesh. But man i'm impress about the quality of the flavor.
    So I was thinking about the Valkuzov's mechanic in general and here some:
    - Vehicule returns(with a rustic and bulky style)
    - Energy returns( with a special interaction with cards with..)
    -Supply (a new keyword that make you able to use energy as mana to cast spell. Rule text: (Your energy counter can help cast this spell. Each energy counter you remove after you're done activating mana abilities pays for 1.)

    Now the Factions mechanic(they can have other returning keyword, but only those factions will have those unique keyword) :

    Since Valkuzov is a world at war, what better to amplify the combat with combats keywords:

    Sovdor (primary red)
    The Sovdor tactic is the Blitzkrieg(it just mean flash war in german), quick, fearsome and deadly. So I try to think of something that can go recklessly fast, but if too easy to make mistakes.
    So here rush (Whenever all creatures you control attack the same target opponent, [trigger]). It help when you are in creature advantage or when you want to finish a opponent faster.

    Gallar (primary blue)
    The Gallar tactic is use their resource(the stone that gives the energy required for their needs who doesn't have a name yet) always with perfection. They exploit their intelligence always to a new level, developing the best constructs.
    Their mechanic is auto-crew X (This permanent has crew X. If you crew this permanent last turn, you may pay {E} rather than [creature's name] 's crew cost.)

    Necryx (primary black)
    The Necryx are those who don't even try to attack fiercely. They prefer wait to turn the tide of the battle and when they do, is rough. They also like to control the enemy's army for their needs... or what is dead.
    The Necryx keyword is possesion X (Whenever this creature dies, you may exile it instead. If you do, exile target creature card with X or less power or toughness from a graveyard, create a token that's a copy of that card.)

    Scyros(primary green)
    The alliance are founded into strength, virtue and freedom. They'll follow a leader only if it's strong enough to be worthy. Their mechanic is alpha ( Whenever this creature has the most power or toughness in any creatures you control, it gains alpha.). While they are alpha, different trigger may happen.

    Menerial (primary white)
    The Menerial tactic is to be able to keep control of the battle. They're like boros meet azorius; Their organisation is flawless in war.
    Their keyword is breakguard (Whenever a creature without breakguard blocks this creature, tap the blocking creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.)

    Sorry to be this late while i was thinking about this. The next step is the lore.
  • Good new, i done some experimental set land
    Meaby they should be rare or with another ability instead because i still want to play this set at tabletop simulator.
  • Just a little update again, i made some war leader for each faction, except one because i miss some art to do so. IF someone want to participate and make a legendary creature, i'll appreciate it. Here the set
  • For the Liches:
    Jinx (cost)
    When ~ is in your graveyard, you can pay jinx cost and exile it jinxing an opponent's creature. Permanent until Creature dies. I used it in a set. Very good.
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