Mechanics Idea for a set (looking for feedback/cards/lore/whatever)

I have a couple of ideas for mechanics that synergies with each other and am thinking of trying to make a set around them. So far I don't have much of an idea for the lore other than something along the lines of Planar Chaos. Im not sure if the mechanics are going to be the sole focus of the set (probably not) or the key mechanic of some colors (probably u/r). They may be too weird/fiddly/not actually fun, so I would like opinions on them. The mechanics are as follows:

Expend an X: keyword action, means to put a stack object (spell/ability/copy) you control from the stack into its owners graveyard. Typically used as a cost. Examples:
-When this enters the battlefield you may expend an instant or sorcery. If you do, counter target spell.
-As an additional cost to cast, expend a spell or ability. Draw three cards.
-expend a triggered ability. This creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.
-Target player expends an instant (weird version of dispel) (i'm not sure I like this cause you can't cast a spell and expend it to the cost cause the spell would have to resolve first)

Reverberate N: Keyword ability on instants or sorceries, means when you cast this spell from your hand, copy it N times. You may choose knew targets for the copies. Examples:
-Reverberate 2, deal 1 damage to target creature or player.
-Reverberate 5, tap target creature
-Reverberate 3, counter target spell unless its controller pays 1

Sputter: Ability word, signals that an ability happens when the card is put into a graveyard from the stack. (note on instants/sorceries this still happens when the card resolves. On creatures they have to be countered or expended.)
-Scry 1. Sputter: Draw a card
-Some creature. Sputter: spells can't be countered this turn.
-Add (r/g) to your mana pool. Sputter: add (r/g) to your mana pool.

Rough lore ideas (not tied to any of this if people have ideas i like): A technologically advanced plane that was visited by planeswalkers in the past has been trying to figure out the secret to planar travel. In doing so their mage-scientists have torn the fabric of reality to shreds. Law and order starts to dissolve as the world literally falls apart. Rival tribes of scientists/mages who have long since given up on mending the plane desperately try to work out a way to get off this dying world, or steal the secret from who ever does.

I'm gonna make some actual cards later but I wanted to do this post first and see what would happen.


  • @atrus159
    I like expend as an idea since it represents a more fluid design-space with abilities similar to Nivmagus Elemental. But it depends on the implementation as well as balance.

    As for Reverberate, I think that it could just be done as a choose ability in most cases.

    I'm not sure about sputter in terms of the name and the design-space. It seems fairly limited since preemptive graveyard exile is only available in some colors and is only in some decks. Otherwise, the card will always reach the graveyard before being exiled.
  • @modnation675 Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking the same thing about sputter, but I figured it would be the same as just being part of the spell most of the time (most colors don't have a way to deal with spells on the stack to begin with). I was trying to find a way that you could expend your spells and still get some value out of them, similar to the way sacrifice decks run creatures with good death triggers. Notably the effect makes half the spell "uncountable" (you get the sputter trigger even if you counter the spell) so that could be problematic on its own. The naming is weird tho, I think I need a better one.
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    Oh, that's a good point. For some reason I kept looking at expend as exiling the spell. (Probably because of familiarity with Nivmagus!) But I like that it doesn't since it extends the design-space when looking at existing mechanics.
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