Cardsmith Standard

Okay, here is a crazy idea. What if we made a standard out of custom cards sets? I was inspired by the five current set builders. It would work like this.

- Cardsmiths send in sets that they have FULLY completed to be placed in MTGCS standard.

- I will select 4-5 sets to be in the format.

- Then you will make decks based on theses sets. These decks will compete in standard events throughout the year.

- Events work like this. You submit them. I play test them; then award top eight.

- The first event will be a non-point awarding tournament. I will write a description on how all the decks worked so a lot of changes can be made before the next event, the pro tour. This will have points and favorites for top eight, top four, runner up, and first place. Players will be placed into a ranking based on points. After the PT two GPs will be held, these will give fewer rewards.

- When a new set enters this process is started over again.

- I will still have to come up with rotation.


  • The issue is the sets aren't completed yet and may not be for quite a while. Otherwise, it sounds interesting.
  • No, I mean any set you have created.
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    I know, I meant most sets are still in the making. But yes, I like that.

    You'd have to look into a few of the other sets as I don't have any links on hand. Such as PolitikSet.
  • @Gelectrode
    Exactly what I was imagining! XD
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    Only cards in the legal sets can be played.

    Cool, thanks for the entry.
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    Keep in mind that some sets are designed for certain environments. Such as the PolitikSet involving sharing mana with other players and being a 4+ player set.
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    I agree that the biggest problem will end up being the completedness of the set. I'm currently designing a set, but I'm very far behind on making commons and uncommons, so it probably won't be done for a while

    Also, since each player is making sets apart from each other, you'll have to be extra careful that nothing goes infinite in each set
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    Yeah, I can do bannings.
    I thought something like @Arceus8523's Blackened Skies and Steam Siege would be great. With their permission of course.
  • @Tigersol
    I'll try and finish up the uncommons and commons I need, and I should have like a 200 card set to enter
  • @RohanDragoon
    Awesome. Thank you!
  • We over at the Renaissance Set creation thread have been hard at work. I, personally, find the idea of a cardsmith standard to be really cool.
  • Cool, I'll reserve it a place.
  • @Modnation675
    I was thinking of going and just finding custom card sets that I liked. Is that okay or do I need their creators permission?
  • I think it would be better if you asked permission.
  • Okay, just some people do not use the forums
  • @Tigersol
    I am flattered that you are interested in using Blackened Skies and Steam Siege for this, it is such an honor to have my sets recognized by others in the community. Though, in all honesty, Blackened Skies is a bit of a mess and Steam Siege is unfinished and has been all but abandoned. You have my full permision to use them, if you wish, but if you wait a little while, I am working on a set called Eathouria (and a followup small set called Torments of Thought, which has hardly even been started, with the only card in it being the antagonist card, which was pushed back a set for design purposes.) that will hopefully be much more balanced in design, color and rarity distribution, and flavor.

    Eathouria is a plane where thoughts and dreams shape reality. The plane consists of an endless sky filled with floating islands, each with a drastically different size, appearance, and environment from the others.
    (Art credit to Julie Dillon, an amazing artist who has done a few mtg card arts before and was one of my main art inspirations for finding art that captures the feel of Eathouria as a plane.)
    Sentient beings on the plane can use passionate enough emotions, thoughts, and dreams to shape the land of the plane as they wish in ways that would be seen as godly on other planes, a process called dreamscaping. This has allowed the plane to flourish with a wide variety of life and environments, unlike any seen on other planes.

    One of the main aims of the set is to look beautiful. All the rares, non-planeswalker mythics, and basic lands are full art and I am trying to include art that I think looks really good. Another aim of the set was to have a very unique and alien feel compared to other mtg sets. The set deals heavily with interacting exile, meant to representing dreaming, imagining, and thinking. All the mechanics deal with exile in some way.

    As for the story of the set, which I'm hoping to make more streamlined and less random than Blackened Skies block, on Eathouria, nightmares have always been a dangerous and powerful force. On a plane where any thought can be brought into reality with enough effort, a nightmare can manifest itself and terrorizes its unintentional creator in horrible ways, though their lifespan is typically short as they come about usually unintentionally and thus aren't as stable when created. While nightmares have always been a natural and relatively normal occurrence, recently the plane has been suffering from a new breed of nightmares. These nightmares are constant and warp the plane in unnatural, eldritch ways (they aren't eldrazi, I'm just using eldritch as an adjective). Many have fallen into eternal rest, plagued by these terrors, and the plane is beginning to turn dark. Somnium, a planeswalker from Theros who has made Eathouria his adopted home, seeing this, realizes his world is in trouble and needs help discovering and stopping whatever has caused this new breed of nightmares.

    Back when Somnium first planeswlaked, he had stumbled across an organization called the Gatewatch. This organization had claimed that they were designed to help save planes in the multiverse that were under a threat. He went back to the Gatewatch seeking help, though he needed to prove the threat affecting his plane was caused by a planeswalker or other multiplanar to recieve the Gatewatch's full support. Thus far, he could only provide one piece of evidence to indicate that this threat might be capable of affecting multiple planes: he had seen nightmares similar in form and capabilities on Theros that would chase powerful mages out of their home and polis as they slept.

    Without certainty, the entirety of the gatewatch could not act on Somnium's request. However, one member, the elf planeswalker Nissa Revane, agreed to come to Eathouria with Somnium and see if they could find proof of a multiplanar being causing the destruction of Somnium's home.

    Once completed, Eathouria will feature 269 cards (20 basic lands, 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares). As previous stated, all basic lands, rares, and non-planeswalker mythics are full art cards. At this point, I am currently done with 189 of cards (15 basic lands, 101 commons, 36 uncommons, 29 rares, and 8 mythic rares), which have all been made on Magic Set Editor. Once completed, I have plans to put the set on, where it should be able to be viewed and used in virtual sealed and draft events. Hopefully, the set will be revised and updated over time to remove grammatical/wording errors, OP cards, and rebalance mechanics, which an event like the one you have proposed would be great for.

    As for right now, I'll leave you with some "spoilers" from the set so you can get an idea of what it will be like.
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    Awww man. @Arceus8523, I wish wizards was making this!
  • @Tigersol
    I really wish this was an actual MTG set, though I doubt wizards would make a set that interacts with exile this heavily.
  • @Arceus8523, @Tigersol, I am super excited to see Blackened Skies here, as a huge fan.
  • The only trouble might be that it is so exile-heavy, something that other cards in other sets may not be able to contend with, as WotC tends to stay away from it.
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    I think it is more about exiling your stuff rather than your opponent's stuff.
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    @Tigersol @MagicChess
    It's almost exclusively about exiling your stuff. I am a bit nervous about the power level, but that's what testing is for. As for blackened skies, I'd really like some time to remake the set a bit to decrease the dependence on multicolor and increase the simplicity on some of the cards.
  • @Arceus8523
    Maybe Path to Exile at mythic?
  • @Tigersol
    I was thinking that was going to be uncommon.
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    Maybe rare. It is a great card, and we don't won't an oversupply in hypothetical standard.
  • @Tigersol, @Arceus8523, claro, what I meant was not that it's too easy to exile your opponent's creatures, but that we don't know exactly the power level, since WotC is hesitant to extrapolate on exile too much. Things got way too complicated with suspend and the like, so they've developed a bit of a phobia XD. Personally, I love self-exile stuff.
  • By the way, how did you make those full arts?
  • @MagicChess
    I totally understand your concern and honestly I have the same concern. I'm going to work on getting an incomplete 0.1 version of the set up for viewing so people can start supplying feedback.
    I used a program called Magic Set Editor. That's also how I made a 4-ability planeswalker (though that template needs to be downloaded and added to the program separately, along with the M15 template.)
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