Plotting out a Game of Thrones set

Looking for how people see characters fitting into Certain colors.

Like, I see:
Cersei as black,
Daenerys as somewhere between Red and White
Varys as blue
Arya between green and black
Bran between green and blue
Eddard, white
Baelish, black.

Any character in the story whatsoever, if you have an opinion please drop it in here. There's enough characters to fill a block and I'd like to attempt it. I haven't been able to find a long discussion on the web anywhere.


  • If it's based on their characterizations in the book, Cersei would need to be green as well as black. She loves her children above all else and acts in their favor, so she isn't just self-serving. She cares deeply about her offspring. Her show version quite suddenly abandons this utterly by the end of season 6 though so black it is if that's the version you like.
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    Dany is red. Red red red red. And maybe a little bit white/blue. Since she elects to remain behind to rule in the east. In the book version. Show version...just red I'd say.

    Varys is blue as blue gets. Secretive, manipulative. Yes.

    Arya has a fair amount of vengeful, bloodthirsty red in her. I don't see green personally? Black red would be my choice.

    Bran...might have black. He according to the show selfishly used hodor for his own ends. And doesn't seem to feel any regret.

    Eddard is WHITE. Stupidly so.

    Peter must have blue. He is even more secretive than Varys, who at least puts on that he 'serves the interest of the realm'. Peter though, yes, has a lot of black too.
  • I'm starting with the Roberts Rebellion Era in the first set. Doing a Mythic Rare for each color.
    Looking for opinions on whether these cards feel like They're the right power for that rarity, and whether the flavor is correct for the color.

    - He lead the attacking forces during this war and swept through multiple battles building momentum. Boosting attacking forces feels appropriate.

    - A ruler that would absolutely suck to have if he was your king, but effective at holding his power with a complete lack of empathy.

    - Only a Stark can maintain rule over the north. I wanted a bit of the Russia in winter vibe with this card. The more you try to invade the north, the harder it becomes.

    - The best at combat in the set, double strike makes this card a handful for it's cost. Most legendary swordsman of the period.

    - Blue is going to have the weakest creatures in this set, so his talents are meant to compliment the draw, control, and refill the deck tactics that will permeate blue in this set.
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