Ziaditora - Heart of the Multiverse

Hey all, I want to attempt at a new custom card set. I in the past attempted creation of a set and didn't keep up with it well, But new times i'm on the forum more and playing Magic more. So we will try once more. Ever question if the multiverse has a center? A core of sorts? maybe an omnipresent plane the holds everything together? This idea came to me while browsing lore recently, I couldn't find an answer so why not create my own?

If we could see the multiverse as a whole it functions as a flawless machine. But every machine has a core, something or somewhere that keeps the entire thing going. Ziaditora is that realm not necessarily a plane but rather a collection of the space in between it makes planeswalking possible, It insures time space and every reality in the multiverse functions. But the event that drives our story aside from the plane itself is that it's not functioning properly whilst traveling the planes our collection of known planeswalkers become trapped in Ziaditora. Somethings wrong at its core. The multiverse itself is falling apart.

I'll i'm slowly working on more story myself but for now i'd love to hear ideas and see what cards you can come up with

Set Details

- Ziaditora is the space in between it contains all (I want to see all kinds of cards Slivers, Guild Stuff, ETC Maybe even blur things together.)
- Cards get stronger and stranger the closer they get to the core of the Realm.
- Ziaditora well consisting of all colors has an affinity to artifacts, The strongest of which are parts of the Engine that is Ziaditora.
- I'd like to see lore for your cards, how they work in the set.

That's all for now, More details to come as i develop things more. If you have any questions feel free to ask, i'll be updating on a normal basis. Google Doc for story soon as well.


  • Welcome back @TheManFromGallifrey! Good Luck!
  • Thanks @Corwinnn! Hope to see you around here when I've got the ball rolling.
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    So Phyrexian Eldrazi are OK?
  • @TheManFromGallifrey
    This is a cool idea, but I wanted to remind you that Dominaria is commonly referred to in lore as the nexus of the Multiverse and The Wheel (by the denizens of Serra's Realm) because of two reasons: First, it was the epicenter of the pre-Mending planar rifts that almost destroyed the Multiverse, and second, because what happens on Dominaria effects many other planes.
  • @MagicChess I wasn't aware of Dominaria at the time of my designing, but i am now. It's not as much what i was thinking of. Dominaria I see as a Nexus and less what i was thinking of. Ziaditora is more of an omnipresent realm a shadow world composed of broken bits of data from throughout the multiverse, Something pulling the Strings for the whole of space time from beyond the scenes.

    @SpiritDragon Yeah, i could go for that. Ziaditora is made of broken bits and pieces from all realms sort of like an Blurred image of everything in the multiverse.
  • The issue I see with this set, since it's EVERYTHING, is that it's next to impossible to have established themes or archetypes without it being an ungodly 1400 card set.
  • @Lujikul and @TheManFromGallifrey
    I do not think it needs to be everything. I think it should be represented as a plane with its own people striving to control the center, which they believe is sacred (unaware of the actual reason of that place). I dunno, what do you all think?
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