Lizards of the Roast Announcement Day!

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If you do not know us we are the Lizards of the Roast, a group of users that work together and create custom cards sets. This account, @Everybody, is our shared one. Now, we will be announcing the next sets we will be creating.

First off, we will start with Squirreltopia. This will be a tribal themed set featuring Squirrels, Bidoofs, Penguins, and more.

Second up, duel decks Cats vs. Dogs is coming after the Squirreltopia set release.

Finally, the second set in the Squirreltopia block, Darkness, Evil Stuff and How We Can't Name Sets will be coming not very shortly.

There might be a Rereturn to Innistrad, Alara, or Muraganda after that.


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