Let's Inspire Eachother

The premise of this post isn't really a contest, but I see no other place to put this. It's more of a fun game to play. Basically, we post either Art, A unique card name, Flavor Text, or a Mechanic to mark cards using those criteria. The point of this is to stretch your creativity and comfort zone with magic cards, make fun and balanced cards, and to become a better cardsmith.

Here are the basic rules.

1) You can only post one card per post, based on a piece of Art, Name, Flavor Text, or Mechanic someone else posted.
2) If you submit Art, or if the Name or Flavor Text is a quote, please source who created it if you can find it.
3) Anyone can make a card based off of something. For example, if I submit an art, anyone can make a card based off of it, not only 1 person.
4) You can submit any amount of criteria to make the card with at a time. If you submit a mechanic, you may post a card with an example of it.

To start off, I'll submit a picture:

Created by: James Wolf Strehle

I want to see what you can all do, have fun, and be constructive in the comments


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