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Hey y'all! So, I've been looking at all the C17 previews and have been pretty amazed so far (leaning towards the Cat and the Wizard decks)! But that also had me thinking "Would it be possible for the MTG Cardsmith community to essentially make a commander set?" I mean, surely right?

I've also recently discovered! This can also be a place where we can playtest the decks we've made! Maybe we could also do something like the AtheraCollaborationSet - Tournament of Champions! (

But I won't get into the specifics yet, all I want to do now with this opening description is to get you all interested. There are LOT'S of things to talk about. What should the decks revolve around, colors, tribes, or should it follow a specific storyline? What interesting commander/four-player centric mechanics can we introduce in these precons? I'll just leave it here and update some notes when more smiths notice this post. Happy smithing!



  • For the tribes, I would highly suggest Spirits, Weirds, Squirrels, and Druids!
  • Or maybe knights as a tribe?
  • @Gelectrode May I ask why those tribes?
  • At least I got some people interested! I'll post again if I see more people interested in the project!
  • Spirits because they are a popular tribe that has a lot of options. Weirds because my username is named after one. Squirrels because of @Corwinnn. And Druids because I would love to see more of them!
  • I think the Jellyfish need a commander
  • I aggree with @Gelectrode about the squirrels getting a commander, not because it would be a hilarious tribe, but because I want to show the MTGCardsmith community through these decks!
  • A squirrel commander would be cool.
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    XD well,here's an interesting thought, how about we make the commanders in the likeness of a bunch of known cardsmiths? If we want to make only do 4-5 decks, but want to include more cardsmiths, why not make all the commanders with partner? Just a little suggestion for the community!
  • @ManaChrome
    That actually sounds amazing! I guess the question is which cardsmiths we do.
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    I suggest Kithkins!

    Also, be sure to use Custom instead of MTG in Untap when using Custom cards everyone. You might get some people confused (including yourself) when they come to playtest regular Magic cards and you end up picking a Custom deck!
  • I've been summoned XD
  • @Karmadragon What about a sorta election? People that are interested in being Commanders comment here, until an specified date/time, in which anybody can vote on the players that stepped up. The top X on the vote go on to be the Partner Commanders, where X is the amount of partners the decks have.
  • @Yururu
    Sounds like a good system, but the desion is really up to @ManaChrome
  • @Karmadragon Of course, I'll be favoriting this post, Partner Commanders are just awesome!
  • @Yururu
    If you have an election, it could be good to also have people say what creature types/colors they most associate with, that way we have an understanding of maybe some tribes that could be used or to make sure that some color combinations don't get over/under used
  • @RohanDragoon
    I was gonna nominate myself (if we ever even did that stuff) until I realized that my favorite creature type is Sliver.
  • If we do the vote thing, vote me for Gruul or Naya Apes.
  • @Lujikul
    I was at the same spot because I'm dragons and commander 2017 is dragons (unless I switch to like rogues or something). But it was just a suggestion so we could understand what people are like before we end up with say, five partner commanders that are all angels, you know?
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    Create a commander card for a cardsmith you want to nominate. Pick the winners from those cards and then you have the start of your decks.

    As a side reward, the creator of a winning card could be made into a card fitting into the deck for their winning card.

    If you even wanted to, nominate a specific creature type for a deck and if your type is picked, add that person as a card in the deck.

    Most commander decks have more than one option for commander. Great way to augment that.

    Commanders don't necessarily need to be of the creature type of their theme, so it's not far off for flavour purposes if a commander doesn't necessarily represent the overall creature theme of a deck. For instance, have a human druid as a commander, and he buffs weak creatures or creates tokens. Then your theme of the deck is squirrels. The commander can easily accommodate squirrels while not being a squirrel itself. Or a dragon commanding a Goblin deck. Or a god commanding a Cleric deck. A wizard commanding a Golem deck. You get it...

    Just a thought. Kind of drawn out thought, little long winded, but that's pretty appropriate for me I suppose. Ha ha.
  • @Suicidal_Deity
    Where the... how the... when'd you (re)appear?

  • @ManaChrome People are getting excited :D
  • @Faiths_Guide

    Just kinda sauntered back round these parts only days (maybe a day?) ago.

    Not back to my original standards, but I'm hoping I'll have a little time to post cards once in a while. They'll be fairly archaic though, as I haven't kept up to date with Mtg in quite a while. Like prior to Kahns, really. So it'll be original abilities or older ones for me. Ha ha.

    Just saw this post, thought it was an interesting idea and tossed out a way of deciding something that is rather dubious and arduous to decide.
  • @Suicidal_Deity
    Glad to see you around!
  • Woop woop! I guess all we need to think about now are the strategies/types of decks that we want to make, although I guess that we would need to think about the cardsmiths that we want to include in this circle if we're still doing that.

    Partner is a fun mechanic, but if we are going with the partner route, we would have to make sure that they don't have any broken synergies with any of the existing partner commanders :P

    Well, I guess right now, we want to think about the cardsmiths that we want to represent with these decks, and what archetypes/strategies that we want them to follow! Although, I guess we want to contact the cardsmiths we want to represent to give us what strategies they want to represent them. But if we are going to go for partner, we would have to group them into two, and have their cards with each other.

    Happy smithing!
  • Just browse the "Popular" category every few weeks, and you will see recurring names. (Incidentally, some of those names are in this chat!)
  • Wolf tribe would be freaking awesome

  • I nominate Shapeshifters. *turns into snake and slithers away*
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