• @IanLowenthal
    Has a lot of issues since there is no rule of priority on this topic. In addition, it's fundamentally broken.

    You also made some typos that are stange.
  • @modnation675 Ah well, I've been bouncing this idea around in my head for a while. Would it work better if you and your opponent shared control of the lands? That was the original idea.

  • @IanLowenthal
    Absolutely not. That sounds like a horrible idea!
  • @IanLowenthal
    If you're looking for a similar effect, I would suggest
    "At the beginning of your upkeep, gain control of all lands you don't control. Untap them. Empty your mana pool."
    This does have some balance issues, but resolves some of the priority issues that the live version has.
  • I'm not quite sure how you'd word it, but I think it would be less broken if instead of you getting to tap their lands, you just get mana when they tap land. Maybe "Whenever enchanted player activates a mana ability of a permanent he or she controls, add one mana to your mana pool in any color that permanent could produce"
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