Planeswalker Rule Changes?

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Ixalan. Great, right?

Unfortunately, spoilers. Spread sheets way ahead of time were leaked. Low quality, but still.

Images of planeswalkers and more were leaked. A few are visible. One thing stands out though.


Can you see it?

The Type and Subtype on this card, which is clearly a Golgari Planeswalker, is clearly way larger than usual.

There is a long, almost as large as "Planeswalker", word coming BEHIND Planeswalker in its Type.

If, as some suggested, it is "Legendary", how do you guys think the rules will turn out to be like?


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    It'll probably be for Commander stuff, like being able to be your general. A big errata of sorts. At least, that's the most common theory I've seen.
  • All planeswalkers are affected as if they're legendary, so that's nothing new!
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    That'd be awesome :D Maybe Wizards will let us have planeswalkers of the same name subtype (Jace, Gideon) out at the same time?

    On second thought, double or triple Jaces would be kinda annoying!
  • @Yururu
    Lol, I think 2+ planeswalkers always feels annoying, unless you have direct damage spells. (There are few great answers that work on planeswalkers!)
  • @modnation675 That's why doubt and dome have the same two initial letters, it's the answer! xD
  • I'm betting (and hoping) that this is for commander. Wizards has been trying to cater to commander players a lot more lately. (See Ulrich and Ishkanah.) Where did you find this anyway?

    As to how it affects rules, I sure hope it doesn't allow multiple Jaces with different names on to be on the battlefield at the same time. Another ramification might be that they could print nonlegendary planeswalkers, like nonlegendary everything else. If that is the case they could probably print random nameless planeswalkers at lower rarities. (You never know, this could be their main goal.)
  • 903.3. Each deck has a legendary creature card designated as its commander. This designation is not a characteristic of the object represented by the card; rather, it is an attribute of the card itself. The card retains this designation even when it changes zones.

  • @IanLowenthal

    I only have one issue with having the Planeswalkers come under the Legendary rule. It would mean they can be affected by Mirror Gallery which if that is the case we'll have problems in Legacy of people having multiple Mind Sculptors out at the same time or even multiple Gideons, Adjanis, or any other Planeswalkers.

    If they were to make this move then more than a dozen Planeswalkers would be on their way to the banned or restricted list if not Mirror Gallery itself. Mirror Gallery's price would explode.
  • @Mellenius That is terrifying.
  • @IanLowenthal, @Mellenius, but would it really be worth it for Legacy players to play a 5cmc artifact that doesn't do anything until your next turn, when you could maybe cast another Jace the Mind Sculptor? Provided that the original JtMS didn't already die, or Mirror Gallery wasn't countered or destroyed?

  • @IanLowenthal It's a hit on reddit. Ixalan is all over that site.
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    Well, I was excited to run Lay Bare the Heart in main board, specifically for planeswalkers because Nicol Bolas is a bully. Mono black troll discarding deck.
  • I just had a heart attack when I saw the Mind Sculptor junk.
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