Kurmit's Market

Greetings, fellow smiths! I have recently created a pair of cards, and I was wondering if anyone would like to make cards built on a similar premise. All entries that meet the requirements will receive a favourite from me, and my three favourite entries will receive an additional favourite of your choice.


Entries must follow these guidelines in order to be registered:
--They must be legendary lands with the Black Market subtype.

--They must have an activated ability that, when activated, relinquishes control of the land.

--They must interact with Underground Crime Syndicate to create an enchantment token representing the shopkeeper.

--The shopkeeper must interact with the entry's mana ability.

As long as your entry is within these guidelines, it will be registered and favourited. All entries are due by the twenty-third of September, 2017.

Happy smithing, everyone!


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