The Primal World of Cambria

Hey everyone, I just wanted to start with a brief welcome to my second set exploration! Its been a while since my first one, and I wanted to get back into it. Anyway, feel free to join it, and just have fun with the set and stuff. This set is based off of the odd lifeforms found during the Cambrian period with other interesting creepy crawlies mixed in. All suggestions are welcome!



Welcome, plainswalker, to the Primal World of Cambria! Here, life and mana can be found that are found nowhere else in the multiverse. The world of Cambria is home to ancient creatures and forces, many of which are odd and unfamiliar to most plainswalkers. Prepare yourself for a world of bizarre organisms and forces, and the dangers that it brings.

Here in Cambria, life is controlled by something known as The Grand Ecosystem, a symbiotic connection between all living things that allows the life forms to flourish and evolve together. It also serves as a defense against other forces that would serve to destroy the natural order, and many a stray plainswalker has died after threatening its power. On Cambria, The Grand Ecosystem is eternal.


Infact, The Grand Ecosystem is the closest thing Cambria has to civilization. The normal creatures that one would find to exist on most planes never evolved here. The life forms found on Cambria are odd and primordial, and that is the core of this set. I envision it as a tribal based set, but with an emphasis of little or never before seen creature types. Here are some examples:

The top predators of Cambria, Phorbids are large flying creatures that prefer to sneak up on their prey. In game, they are big fatties kind of like dragons, with straight forward abilities, often related to combat.


A silver-esce species on Cambria, Trilobites are sturdy and often adapt to harsh environments, working together to become the most successful species on Cambria. In game they often buff each other up and give each other abilities.


An odd species of worm that has managed to find a way to manipulate the senses of other species, Hypnoids confuse would be attackers and prey. In game, they are small but hard to interact with, often creating complicated board positions and preventing opponents from casting spells or attacking.


A rare species, Pikas are the messengers of The Grand Ecosystem, and its greatest treasure. They signal changes in the environment, and their magical slime is a dangerous lure to many plainswalkers. In game, they are small flyers with powerful ETB effects.

And, of coarse, Insects, Spiders and Creepy Crawlies:

Species that you will NOT find on Cambria (unless it's a plainswalker): Humans, Elves, Merfolk, (any humanoid), Dragons, Cats, Beasts, Spirits, Zombies, Eldrazi, Aven, Loxidon, Vampires, Goblins, Ect... You get the point. Crazy, strange creepy crawly types only.

As for keywords, the only one that I could think of was Evolve, from the Gatecrash Simic. You can come up with whatever mechanics you think could fit. They should focus on the primal nature of the world, and how it adapts to its environment.

I am so excited to share this with everyone, and I hope we come up with some super cool cards and a cool set as a whole!

FOR HELP with reference material (as this is a kind of obscure topic), just ask or look up The Cambrian Explosion, Ordovician, Silurian and Carboniferous periods.

Once again, Welcome to Cambria, and have fun creating!



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