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Ixalan Italian Spoiler Thread

No one has posted these yet, so I will:

Burning Suns' Avatar looks like a bomb in limited, like a mini inferno titan or a Rorix Bladewing with a Landfall'd Searing Blaze Attached.

Bishop of Rebirth is like a Giant Devoted Crop-Mate (No, it is not fair to compare this card to sun titan, it is so much worse than sun titan in almost every way but cost up front).

Uncharted Territory should have been cavern of souls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Walk the Plank is silly, will probably see standard play because all the other removal is so bad. Would be fun in cube if it was an instant.

P.S. the earlier leak has been all but confirmed by these, although I will not be posting the old leaks here because the image quality is pretty bad. What can be read can be found at Mythicspoiler:


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