Equipment Matters Set Ideas

Hey, guys. Yesterday, I was bouncing some ideas around regarding some sort of 'Equipment Matters' set. At this point, the only things set in stone are that theme, and a single mechanic.

Adept--If this creature is equipped, {effect}.

The mechanic name is subject to change, and aside from those two details, everything is open. Any contribution--plane names, concepts, mechanics, cards, etc. is much appreciated.


  • Hm. I suggest swords. Lots of swords.
  • @TezzererofCarmot21

    I think that goes without saying, mate.
  • @TezseretofCarmot21
    Swords are boring. How about hammers, chains, satchels, armor, etc?
  • @Lujikul

    I believe that also goes without saying. I was planning on testing some sort of Bloodborne 'Trick Weapon' concept, where you can pay mana for different utilities.
  • I'd like lots o barbarians, bro. Maybe a Leroy Jenkins-esque legend? This should probably be set during medieval times. This set sounds like a good idea.
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21

    A medieval setting would be too generic in my opinion. We already have Fiora and, arguably, Dominaria to fill that theme.
  • Maybe more like a Dark Ages eternal war thing, @NokiSkaur. I imagine snowy fields, cramped cities, HUGE castles... Could be like several kingdoms trying to beat each other to death
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21

    What about a bloodthirsty, hedonistic society akin to the Rakdos where entertainment comes in the form of death matches--somewhat similar to the Thunderdome in Mad Max, if I'm remembering correctly.
  • Hm, and maybe... there's a Grand Coliseum...! @NokiSkaur, I see a society, basically Theros except completely devastated and perverted and bloodthirsty as can be...?
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21

    Aesthetics similar to Theros, but if Xenagos was the only God... well, in terms of the general world. Different societies would behave differently, as they should.
  • @NokiSkaur Maybe instead of being killed, Xenagos was banished to another plane and stripped of his spark...
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21

    Do the Gods of Theros even understand planeswalking? I'm not that deep into the lore, so I wouldn't know. If not, he could have sent a material form to this plane in order to control it.
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    @NokiSkaur, please search up "Xenagos, the Reveler." Xenagos was a satyr walker who ASCENDED to being a god. Then Elspeth killed him... and Heliod killed her... and Ajani got extreme depression.
    (Sorry if the tone sounds a little harsh)
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21

    I know he was a walker at one point.

    Wait, continuity... if Xenagos is dead, he can't rule a plane. Unless he became some sort of glorified legend before he died, it just wouldn't make sense to me.
  • Maybe he just got Gatewatch'd and randomly planeswalked away, like in the Hour of Dev story. Or maybe we need a new walker - I recommend Nahiri, because she creates equipment, and Saheeli, because Wizards abused her in Kaladesh and an equipment-matters plane could be her new home. What do you think, @NokiSkaur?
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21

    Nahiri and Saheeli would both be good additions, for sure. Perhaps Nahiri is regarded as a hero on the plane, simply for her ability to create weapons. I don't know much about Saheeli--I'm not that far in the story, but I'm pretty sure she can only manipulate metal. For this reason, her power is greatly limited in a more primitive, hedonistic world.

    Or, alternatively, Saheeli is one of the most renowned fighters on the plane due to how much she can do with limited resources, while Nahiri is regarded as a slightly more efficient smith.
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    There's a mechanic @krampiszman, I, and others made a long time ago (almost a year to be exact) called Polarize, which turned creatures into equipment. Here's some examples as well as "Polarize matters" cards. Might be a viable option for an equipment matters plane.
  • @Lujikul

    That mechanic could have some really interesting dynamics, but I'd suggest limiting it to sorcery speed. Ramp decks that use the mechanic could Polarize out of combat in order to avoid something big.

    Or, we could do something that triggers upon death. Maybe...
    Repurpose--When this creature dies, search your library for an equipment with equal or lesser converted mana cost and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your library.

    If we did this, I feel like it would make the most sense on artifact creatures. I feel like your version is much more creative, but much more difficult to play against. It feels like Bestow, but without the limitations to balance it.
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    Like it so far, the flexibility you can go with this mechanic...

    Adept - As long as this creature is equipped, (effect). If this creature is equipped by an equippment named (specific equipment), (bonus effect).


    Adept - As long as this creature is equipped, (effect). If this creature is equipped by (number) or more equipment, (bonus effect)


    Can we also please see a return of the fortifications that were first introduced in future sight!?
  • @ManaChrome

    The first option would work quite well with a cycle of Mythic Legends. Upon reaching a certain point, their weapons become almost as iconic as the ones who wield them.

    The second option makes me think of Dark Souls for some reason... Perhaps a certain creature subtype would have that kind of effect? Soldiers, for example?
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    @NokiSkaur Suggestion for a walker: How about Dovin Baan? He was also vanished after that sabotage event anyway.
  • Oh bother @lujikul, polarize is your mechanic through and through. While I did help with the wording, I don't diserve any credit.

    Thanks for thinking of me though :)
  • Affinity for Equipment?

  • @Lujikul should tone it down to sorcery speed though.
  • @Sanjaya666

    I would have a few problems with adding Dovin Baan to this set, and one of them has to do with the general worldbuilding we've already done--It's the same problem I had with Saheeli Rai, but I was able to make it plausible. Unless Dovin Baan can make walkers out of stone, his skills would be practically useless. We'd either need to change him or change the world. Another problem is that if we add Saheeli and Dovin, we'd have two walkers from Kaladesh out of the 3-5 open slots we have. That bothers me--We might as well be making Kaladesh all over again at that point.


    Affinity is a good idea overall, but I usually try not to re-use WotC mechanics. I'll certainly try to remember it.
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    @NokiSkaur How about Daretti? There should be plenty of scraps, right?
  • @Sanjaya666

    If we were to make a more advanced civilization, then all of these things would make more sense. Dovin would be able to make walkers, Saheeli wouldn't be as limited, and Daretti would have scraps to work with.

    One of the last ideas I threw around before making this thread was Scrap Tokens, which would be made by a cycle of creatures. You could sac one scrap to pay for {c}, but only if it was used for equipment.
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    Just saying, Nahiri, Saheeli, and Daretti? It would be a scrap heap party
  • Can there be a native walker that travels around the multiverse collecting equipment? This would allow for some interesting lore.
    Also, what will black and green do for this set? Neither plays well with equipment
  • Also, I think colored artifacts could return. They'd make some interesting equipment.
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