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I am making a Magic origins set for 5 other planeswalkers and I thought I could make a contest. Make A Planeswalker card with the Magic Origins rules, a legendary creature that can transform into a planeswalker. Also make a couple of cards related to that planeswalker. Reprints are fine with new art, flavor text and name. However, your planeswalker must not be one on this list: Ajani, Sorin, Tezzeret, Garruk, Gideon, Jace, Lilliana, Nissa, and Chandra. I will like and Favorite my favorites. Begin!


  • Do they have to be existing planeswalkers?
  • @urtar370 Do they have to be existing planeswalkers? Or can we create original ones?
  • You can create your own planeswalker, however you have to tell me about them. You can also do an existing planeswalker.
  • I may remake and use my favorites in my set. Also if you want inspiration you can look at my set here:
  • He is a little bit broken, though my Sorin is too.
  • the first ability is really broken, make it a little less so.
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    Here's one for you:
    image transforms into image

    Some backstory:
    Serthan was the Warlord of the Federated Sanak, a group consisting of several different tribes and cities in the area known as the Sanak Wastes (They are known as the wastes because it is like half desert/half mountain regions that aren't entirely fertile). Anyways, the Federated Sanak came under the gaze of the Kossen Empire after the Kossen found out that the Sanak Wastes, though primarily infertile, held enormous deposits of salt, a commodity very much wanted in Kossen so that they could ship produce. The Federated Sanak soon found themselves squared off against the largest military on Venun (the plane). The Kossen however, as the Federated Sanak soon found out, used their military at first only for show. The Federated Sanak soon came under terror as bands of Kossen kidnapped individuals across the Sanak Wastes. Those kidnapped were never heard from again. In order to prevent this bloodshed, Warlord Serthan submitted to the Kossen. The Kossen, however, were not stupid and allowed Serthan to stay in power in Sanak. Sanak became a vassal of the Kossen empire.
    A year later, Serthan, under the pleading of his people, led a revolution. On a diplomatic envoy to Kectkun, the capitol of Kossen, Serthan actively rebelled against the High Council, and led his forces through a slaughter of military personnel in the city (they did not kill civilians). However, the Kossen soon pushed Serthan and his forces out of the city, where a large scale battle ensued outside Kectkun. Kossen forces held a sixteen to one advantage as reinforcements swept in from around the city. Hopelessly outmatched, Kossen and his allies soon turned to an ancient ritual of sacrifice from Sanak. Individually, a warlord would entreat the ritual and sacrifice himself. As he did, the sun became shadowed, and large beams of dark energy surged from this shadow onto the Kossen forces. These beams had massive effects on the Kossen army, however, the warlords soon ran thin, until it was only Serthan left standing, now against the entire Kossen army. He entreated the sacrifice, but nothing happened. Then, the ranks of the Kossen split, and General Depun, the leader of the Kossen forces walked forward. He smiled and said that Serthan would not be able to sacrifice, for the last sacrifice would be the most powerful, and would likely destroy both the Kossen forces as well as Kectkun. General Depun revealed himself to be the demon Adhunti, an ancient being bound to the plane that did his best to prevent the ritual, as it alerted dark forces across the multiverse. He said that he had blocked Serthan's connection to the plane in order to prevent the ritual.
    Serthan entreated the ritual again, and this time, he felt a flash. It had not worked, but he landed on something hard. He looked around, and realized he was no longer on Venun. In front of him stood a shady figure, smiling, and watching Serthan as he stood.
    The man said that it was interesting that Serthan should walk to this plane, let alone, this area of the plane. Serthan asked where he was, and the man replied that he was on the plane of Vasuir, and he revealed himself to be a fellow planeswalker named Ragnar (a recurring character in my character backstories). Ragnar explained to Serthan the mechanism of planeswalking, at which point Serthan said he must return to his own plane as he was his people's last hope, and that Kossen would destroy Sanak in retribution. Ragnar says that he knows, and that he just read Serthan's mind. Ragnar continues that in doing so, he recognized the name of an enemy he had been searching for: Adhunti. Ragnar revealed that Adhunti was a prior agent of a planeswalker named Nicol Bolas, and that Ragnar was actively hunting such agents. Ragnar agrees to joiin forces with Serthan as he returns to Venun. As they return, on a hill above the plains outside of Kectkun, Serthan notices that the army is still there, although confused. Ragnar smiles, grabs hold of Serthan's arm, and suddenly, he is where he was moments ago when he first planeswalked. Adhunti has shifted forms into a great beast, and laughs as he sees Serthan, but his face turns to dread as he sees Ragnar.
    Ragnar laughs now, and suddenly, the entire Kossen army begins to laugh in tandem with Ragnar. Serthan, stunned, just watches as the entire army turns simultaneously to look at Adhunti. Ragnar says that the ensuing battle is between himself with Serthan, and Adhunti. Adhunti nervously states that his master will come soon enough. Ragnar says he doubts it, and says that while he altered the memory as Adhunti sent it to Bolas, and made it look like they were on a completely different plane, which Bolas would soon realize he cannot planeswalk to. Adhunti curses and rushes forward. Serthan hears Ragnar's voice in his head, telling him to just take a swing at Adhunti, so he does. His weapons becomes wreathed in flames as it slices into the demon's flesh, before the demon begins to disintegrate slowly.
    Ragnar says that will suffice, and that he will return to Vasuir, as Adhunti will die almost immediately, and that means his work has concluded. He says that he will wipe the minds of the Kossen soldiers as he leaves so they won't remember any of this, and then wishes Serthan luck against his coming war. Further, he says that if Serthan requires any dire assistance, he knows where to find Ragnar in that case. Ragnar bids farewell as he planeswalks away.
    Serthan returns to Sanak and hides in the mountains bordering between Sanak and Kossen, where he waits for Kossen troops to arrive, for now he is the lone resistance against the repression of an empire.
  • I have decided to make another set with remade cards people on this contest have made as well as cards from my other contest which I have provided the link:
  • I challenge you all to make an eldrazi planeswalker with the same rules as above. if you do it will make more likely to pick you .
  • I was looking thorugh all forums and I saw this one and thought it might be interesting
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