New set idea - can you help out?

So recently I had an idea for a set - this is the plot: Thousands of years ago, a planeswalker known simply as Jagan used his power to create a plane that was lowly developed (think caveman times) and experiment on how they would evolve. However, an unknown planeswalker trapped Jagan in the Wheel - an indestructible vault at the top of the highest mountain on the plane. The planeswalker refused to toy with the people, instead letting them develop - and igniting a Planeswalker spark for a man named Rasuul.
Thousands of years later, Rasuul still rules a portion of the plane - which now entirely resembles midwestern America, with immense forests, huge mountains and gently rolling plains. However, a tribe makes pilgrimage to the Godpeak - and releases Jagan, no longer godlike, from the Wheel. Another returning planeswalker (not determined yet) also roams this plane. Can y'all help me out?


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