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Hello everyone. My name is TrippleBoggey3. You can call me by real name (Nick) or pretty much anything you want. I could list a bunch of things my friends call me, but I don't want to get in trouble about using racial slurs and swear words. I believe most you older people all know me. I've been here since July last year, and enjoyed the site a lot. I believe I hold the record or the second most record for the most discussions created, which I'm not exactly proud of, because all my friends say I talk too much. I've made cards, good ones and bad ones; I've made friends, good ones, and even better ones, on this site.

Well, a while ago, I left on a very long vacation. I came back right before school started, and I believed I could be able to countinue my time here, but I have been too busy. The world changes when you're taking a hella lot of AP classes. Life's hard mate. I wanna say that that's why I can't keep going on here, but fact is it's partially my procrastination (My strategy for AP Chem is doing it while playing halo. There's 100 problems, and whenever I die, I do one. I also don't play ranked so I never die, so you know how it goes). Yet, to be honest, I've lost a lot of my interest in MTG. I quit playing only 2 months after I joined the site, but I still stayed because I loved the community. I do not believe I have any motivation to stay any more.

I left without saying anything, but now I feel really bad about it. I should have said something, so here I am right now. I decided to give my final shoutouts to specific people. Don't feel bad if your not on here - I haven't been here in a while, so I might miss out a few.

@Corwinnn - I love you dude. Coolest guy here. You were always so helpful and such a nice person!
@Tomigon - You always made amazing cards and was also a very supportive and helpful person.
@mtgcardsmith - I mean, you made this site. I can't thank you enough for doing that itself.
@Faiths_Guide - You were always my role mode when making cards. I loved the designs and everything.
@Beeswax - You were too. I did always looked at your cards when I wanted new ideas and motivation.
@flatfish - You were the one who always gave me advice on my cards. You were the one who commented on them all and taught me to do better!
@Mila - You were the one who I always looked to for ideas. You were always helpful and very supportive, while also being very creative in cardsmithing
@Animist - You probably can't even see this since you left, or at least that was what it was like last time I was here, but I always loved you cards.
@Modnatin675 - You were always such a helpful person to me and a very supportive person in the community.
@Ningyounk - You were always a great helper to me, and would always give good advice. I always did love your contests too.
@KJMartin - Thanks for being a terrible person *sobs*. Had a blast having you around! Hope we cross paths in the future!

I though that perhaps I should still leave something behind. Just to see if you guys would be interested. I still have my Dragon's Maze project if anyone is still interested, but I won't be there to run it. I don't have time to judge my last contest, so if anyone is willing to do it, feel free. Also If anyone is till interested in team contests, you can find someone else to run it, although I've pretty much shut down mine for half a year. Also my Cardsmith Masters set could still be a thing, but no one seemed interested. Just putting out ideas for people.

But I did decide to leave behind a small legacy. Just a few things for you guys to check out.

First it would just be my account. I cleaned my account again, leaving behind only 32 cards, a tenth of what I used to have. Just hoped it could bring some ideas. Check it out here: here.
Second would be the Dragon's Maze Vault. Should anyone be interested, it is right here. Thing is the pictures are kind of ruined.

Well I'll be leaving soon. Before I leave, I wanna leave behind one last message. Guys, whether you play halo or not, watch the web series Red vs Blue. It is freaking amazing.

Also don't say goodbye. If you don't say goodbye, I'm not really gone; I'm just not here at the moment.


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    Also, in case you're wondering, this is my favorite card I've made. I don't understand how it works either, but I suppose it could work in very specific and weird situations. I just like the look of it.

  • @TrippleBoggey3 - This place will never be the same without you, but it just may be better because of you!
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    Well, you really were a strong part of this community and contributed a lot. I didn't always share all of your oppinions, but I'll miss you and admire your dedication. You always had some interesting contests and projects running, that helped bringing the community together. It's nice to see, I could help and inspire you, 'cause that's what you did as well. Hopefully, you'll be abled to use all these strengths in all parts of your life. If you do, all you want to do can't be less than successful. I'd enjoy seeing you here every now and then, just in case, mtg temps you again.
  • I remember how I submitted your first ever card to WMTGCS. (I actually feel a little guilty, even.) It's been awesome having you here in the community, and I wish you the best of luck IRL. I know how bothersome AP classes can get.
  • Goodbye mate...
  • @TrippleBoggey3
    Thanks so much for all the time and energy you put into the site! It'll be a sadder place without you, but I wish you the best of luck on all your endeavors!
  • :'(

    You grew from a regular cardsmith into a very notable one. Best wishes for your future. Do what you like and enjoy it.
  • @TrippleBoggey3
    Thanks for the kind (undeserved) words. Blessings on your journey friend!
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    @TrippleBoggey3 You will be missed mate. I'm sad to see you go. Cardsmith Compilation was the best contest on the site if I'm honest.

    I can judge your contest last if you would like.
  • I really enjoyed your contests, and one of the cards I made for your Dragon Maze is my favorite. Visit us sometime if you have a few minute to spare :)
  • @Trippleboggey3

    You were one of the first people I met when I first joined the site several months ago. Farewell.
  • You were always such a great person. And you were always present to help people on the forums. Im gonna miss ya
  • @TrippleBoggey3:


    I went through my old comments, pms, etc. it appears I sent you an invite to one of my earlier contests, Paragons of Mtgcardsmith so I did attempt to communicate with you before but obviously didn't realize you was not present on the site. Hope to see more stuff from you, can't wait (if you didn't know, @Gelectrode has left and I don't think you got to meet @Scott_Anderson, but he has temporarily left to finish writing a novel, he has amazing cool cards he has a flair for the oldschool magic.) Hey I'll make you a card for you as a welcome back to the community gift, it's the least I could do, I didn't get a chance to be here for when you created your discussions/contests, etc. I wish I would have gotten involved a lot sooner then I did on here. I only joined february 2017 got on the forums march 2017 but didn't get involved or started to work on making better cards until around december 2017. (I still screw up, no ones perfect, but I am a whole lot better at it now then I was back then.) Anyhow, hope to hear back from ya. I'll tag you in when I post the card I make for you up on @Ranshi922's contest. ttyl @TrippleBoggey3 -sj :)
  • I will miss you @TrippleBoggey3! You were always so present that I sort of assumed you were here much longer than me. I hope to see you again sometime!

    Ps: I was reading your original post (the conversation thing itself) and I had to wonder, what Halo do you play?
  • @Ranshi922 he's back (see the Eminem gif, and also the one that @Tomigon posted elsewhere.) In fact, I just made a card for him for your contest.
  • Oh. I gotta change something
  • Also he’s featured today
  • I miss you already @TB3!
    Yes, I know...
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