RoboRosewater - 'Bonus names of unused cards'-contest

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I enjoy visiting RoboRosewater's Twitter account to have a look at all the strange cards, the Recurrent Neural Network they use there to create mtg cards comes up with. If you don't know that page or just want to have a look again, you can find it here:

Every now and then, you can also find bonus names of unused cards there, that cry for being used, but I never found the time to create some of them. That's why I want you to do so for me. Here are some names, I suggest for this contest, but if you find another one, that inspires you, feel free to use it.

- Oracle of Minds
- Dread Mana
- Shallow Gambit
- Jace's Deep
- Nehashi, Visionary Gargoyle
- Skarrg, Formation Angel

I hope, you like the idea as much as I do, but feel a little more inspired than me. You are welcome to come up with any kind of card, you can think of. Every cardsmith is allowed to enter with up to 3 cards. As always, I'll favorite your entries and reward the top three entries as follows:

1st place may choose 5 favorites or a follow and 2 favorites.
2nd place may choose 4 favorites or a follow and 1 favorite.
3rd place may choose 3 favorites or a follow.

Honorable mentions may also choose a favorite.

I am going to start judging this contest in a little more than three weeks, which is saturday 16th of september. Winners will be announced shortly after.


  • *Sphinx of Bal* I may do that one.
  • @Faiths_Guide Yes, do that. I can't wait to see, what it will be like.
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    Here is "Shallow Gambit"
    This name should definitely already be the name for an mtg card. It's perfect!
    ...Anyways, this card is supposed to represent the "Shallow parts" of MTG, such as the top cards of ones library. The randomness was thrown in because of the word "Gambit"
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    All the unused Roborosewater Names:
    Soul Blast
    Animate Vengeance
    Thassa's Repenter
    Leaf of Chance
    Exterpty to the Wounds Unrasor
    Reforce the Flurger
    Pood Coinx
    Frighter Mage
    Serra Servant
    Jumble Harvest
    Call to Destruction
    Gear of the Blood
    Command of Abolish
    Thigh Greep
    Jake Paul
    Cat Soldier [a land]
    Aura [a land]
    Thy Zombie Ig
    Akic, Strungle Spider
    Goblin Greaker
    Timgtable of the Eld Elemental
    Fallow the God
    Assassin Hack
    Sink Warrior
    Raving Zombies
    Spellbambler Giant
    Owl Realm
    The Scropled Necropode
    Crazy Bidoof
    Animal Aches
    Dreadwing Drake
    Grampa Guide
    Mantis Mine
    Ruthless Ring
    Spider Spider
    Zambie Zombie
    Mox Ox
    Strenghuret's Lick
    Corpse of the Dead
    Guardians of the Heavens of the Metamorph
    War Cat
    Cradle Tracker
    Crypt of Sparkbeaver
    Ram of Disloyalty
    Shaft the Redeemer
    Eye of Great the Holy Pit
    Razor Skeleton
    Flux Slamp
    Decompost into the Agent
    Pontiff of Distortion
    Mind Bears
    Kanamos, the Sea Remover
    Jar of Vitu-Ghazi, Advice
    Fires, Bat
    Uncle Imp, God of the Howded Mercolith
    Energy Spider
    Cathedral Razor
    Mishra's Basilisk
    Phyrexian Instincts
    Crusher of Kind, Discord
    Panther Glory
    Mox Sengir
    Demonic Ribbons
    Chrulk of the Cloudfringer
    False Pulse
    Golem of Champion, you still
    Goblin Sky Net
    Mana Cannon
    Leonin Serpent
    Hell of Infinite Necture
    Noggle Bloodlord
    Charging Wall
    Dabslader Datadling
    Fall of Empires
    Dragon's Power Drake
    Turn to the Boar
    The of Living Night
    Wildcard Troll
    Atog Infernal
    Inferno the Dawn
    Lightning Plague
    Blazing the Thoughts
    Lava Cast
    Howl of Flame
    Burn of the Bearching Koom
    Goblin the Forestwalk
    Death Scout
    Sphinx Spirited
    Reaper of the Surge
    Land Wave
    Dragon, the Golden Hellkite
    Centaur Spider
    Merfolk Blood
    Trostani, Goblin Marshal
    Birthing the Riot
    Brain Archmage
    Wall of Destiny
    Train of Death
    Goblin Market
    Harsh the Unsummons
    Pygmy Archive
    Call in the Tempest
    Bone Buttsuinger
    Wall of Loyal Warrior
    Death of Ploted Griffin
    Armor Memories
    Llanowar Voice
    Wag of the Pervee
    War Bones [a Snake]
    Rootwalla Panther [a Bird Soldier]
    Mountain Owls [a Demon]
    Weed [a Zombie Monk]
    Ogre Thresher
    Disciple of Dreams
    Stalking Thunder
    Leaf Increasing
    Fish of Merton
    Soratami Haremist
    Sage of Lotus
    Nehashi, Visionary Gargoyle
    Rise of the Storm
    Tlun's Rizram
    Vow of the Tiger
    Thick the Hardens
    Gala Masticore
    Telling Dragon
    Jace's Deep
    Quardla, Goblin Mermuser
    Grisly Ward of the Walk
    Rats of the Cats
    Phyrexian Circles
    Barph-of Glopsaok
    Rider Parasite
    Shallow Gambit
    Smingerwalker Dryad Avatar
    Pepe, Frog Martyr
    Coral, Shadow Caller
    Sacter of Protection: Treefolk
    Dread Mana
    Slime Blood
    Dadmonish Slark
    Silver-Guise, War Firebird
    Makindi the Fallen Commander
    Rerpuce of Froud
    Telling Dragon
    Human Battle Mancers
    Merrow Warchief
    Doo A-Spor
    Hunt of Lights
    Eldrazi Champion
    Oracle of Minds
    Goldari's Goblin Trounder
    Epic Minecraft Parodys
    Promo Drake
    Forking Strike
    Jeen of the Jungus
    Kabarla, Blood Warden
    Garruk's Embrace
    Stark of the Tengen

    Rudolph, the Mantis Angel
    Rudolph, the Ancient Game
    Rudolph, the Fallen Bird
    Rudolph, the Mold Gargoyle
  • @KrampisZman Thank you for listing all the names here. I hope, it wasn't too much work.
  • @Mila No problem! It only took a couple of minutes.
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    Using Mana Cannon :)
  • Yay, another entry :D
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    This is positively fascinating. I'd never heard of that twitter account till now. I will try to submit my entries soon just busy taking care of my child for a few days.
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    @saveria201 I love RoboRosewater and can't wait to see your entry. I hope your kid is well and doesn't need attention due to illness or something.
  • @saveria201 I challenge you to use the card name "Jake Paul." 19th from the top of the list.
  • image
    Run, Citizens, for Carl is here.
  • @krampiszman pffft, alright

    I maybe cheated by changing his name but else to make such a normal sounding name mtg-ified...

    Jake-Paul, Cavern Sanctifier
  • @saveria201 Nice!

    @Everyone favorite that card. It is a work of art!
  • @KrampisZman I thought Carl was made as a card, because people had apparently asked for it:
  • @Flatfish Well, I mean it was on the list of unused card names on the Twitter feed, so I would assume it's fair game. I think that one is up to @Mila
  • Well, when appearing on the list, it's totally fine, even when the name was used later on by Robo Rosewater.
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    I saw the name and I just could not resist :)
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    Perfect name for this art. Couldn't find the author though :(
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  • I did 'Nehashi, Visionary Gargoyle'.

    (And sorry that I couldn't hyperlink the image - I don't know how yet.)
  • Demonic Ribbons
    This is, I think, a unique and powerful removal spell, with the flavor text telling part of a story, just enough to be intriguing and leave you wondering. ;)

    Skarrg, Formation Angel
    For this one, I immediately thought of an angel literally formed out of separate metal pieces. I tried to embody that image by making her reliant on artifacts, with each artifact making her more powerful in two ways.

    Harsh the Unsummons
    Returning a creature to its owner's hand is often showed as a relatively harmless way to dispose of that creature. Sometimes it is even used to save your own creatures from destruction. This card aims to undermine that idea, the name even a parody on the classic bounce spell, Unsummon.
  • Here is my second entry: Uncle Imp, God of the Howded Mercolith. Sadly, the whole name couldn't fit, so I just fit as much as I could.
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    My first entry:


    I noticed a little late that my entry is very similar to CastorCrozz's first entry, There are'nt many great gargoyle arts not used by Wizards themself :/
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    image image
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    I wish this was a real card now...
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