Design a card for me :)

I'm making a set based on MTG's 5 elements- but each card can have only one color.
There is currently one new keyword: Absorb. image
I have room for one new keyword that fits the set, and that's what the winner's reward will be! (e.g. everyone can invent a new keyword.) Happy smithing!


P.S. 1 entry/person, top 3 will have their cards in my set.
P.P.S: may the best smither win!


  • Absorb isn't a new keyword. It was printed on Lymph Sliver in Future Sight years ago. Absorb 1 (If a source would deal damage to this card, prevent 1 of that damage.)
  • Oooo! I came up with one for Planeswalkers and creatures alike!


    It's similar to Absorb... I call it Absor... wait... What? What do you mean it's already a keyword?
  • crap, absorb's already a thing? man, I'll have to change the word...
  • @Crinfarr - We figured you knew already, since you used that border.
  • @Crinfarr
    You might also want to consider adding "untapped Islands", as I think that as of now, you could cast Auris for four white, and three blue, then let's say you still have two more islands. As the ability is stated now, you could tap the same islands you tapped to cast Auris, plus any other Islands you control. Unless, of course, that was your goal, in which case you can ignore this comment
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