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Message by WarriorOfNature and posted to the forums by Corwinnn

Quick announcement! As some of you veteran cardmakers may know, I used to be one of the top favored members on this site alongside Tomigon, Corwinnn, Mr Ransom, etc.. Long story short, I'm back and working on a new set; The Five Kingdoms. This set is being developed for my friends and I (and the community if they like it enough) to use as actual cards in real life to duel each other. The reason I make this announcement is because I need any help i can get. I have a habit of making minor mistakes in my cards (spelling errors, writing abilities incorrectly, etc.) and could use some advice, judgement, and overall feedback on the balancing or abilities of my cards. If anyone would like to offer input, I am completely open, even if the judgement is harsh (although I'd prefer to keep things kindly) to try to make this set to the best of my abilities. Thank you all who have already provided input, and be sure to check out my page if you'd like to participate. I know it's a lot to ask, and I don't really expect much of a response, but any help is appreciated and I will be providing updates on how the set is coming along. Thanks everyone who read this far, and I look forward to making the best cards I can!



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