Mtg school

Hello, welcome to your first day of school...

Or maybe your 12th day of school.

Or maybe you don't even go to school anymore.

For some people their first day of school was in August and some people are today.

Today was first day of school and I want to make a contest out of it.

Even though I probably won't have time for it anyway.

So get on this bus or continue to wait for the next one.
If you do get on the bus continue down this page.

In this contest I am the teacher and you are the student.
Even though almost all of you are much better than me
But I'm the teacher. (judge)

And I would like to be addressed as Mr Greaser.

The goal is the same as a real school, do your best, have fun, and get an A.
You want to get an A at the end of this contest. Everyone who gets an A is a winner.
That better not be everyone who joins this contest.

The contest is organized into classes. Like school except instead of every hour its every week.

In school, every class is a diffrent subject and it repeats every day.
In this contest, every class will be a round of card making where you must make a specific kind of card with a specific one or more of the following.

mana color,ability, type,subtype,etc

You can only create one card per week,
and the card must be made on the same week you posted it

Do this every week to try to get an A.
Miss a week, your final grade may drop by 1.

You can also get extra credit by having your card be school themed

The contest will end when the first trimester ends at the school I go to.
It usually lasts up to the end of November so you got plenty of time.

The last week will be called the final exam.
The day after the final week I will post your final grades.

The winners who get an A will get a prize.

They will each get a apple (just kidding)

A 1 favs of their choice. (Weekly grades)

A+ 1 follower 2 favs of their choice. (Final grade only)

A+ plus is a special grade for personal favs of mine.


That's the bell, class starts now.

If you have any questions, raise your hand.



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