Planeswalkers and Lore!

Make a planeswalker (and maybe a creature before planeswalker) and describe that planeswalker's lore

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  • This is a very old planeswalker of mine and his lore which I created for a contest a long time ago. His name is Kyle Tarcur and he is a werewolf planeswalker.


    Lore of Kyle:

    Kyle was a poor boy in the city of Thraben. He used to live with his sick mother, Mira, in the streets and alleys of the capital, begging for money or stealing it from the people of Thraben at young age so he could buy food for himself and for his sick mother. According to Kyle's mother, his father was a werewolf hunter who got killed by multiple werewolves in a nearby village before Kyle was born. Mira moved into Thraben when Kyle was an infant, but she never told the reason why they moved away from the village. When Kyle was 9 years old, his mother passed away, for she has been sick for many years and even though Kyle tried to bring her to a doctor, Mira refused.

    Not knowing what to do, the young boy packed everything he had in the alley and began to search for the village where he was born. He left the walls of Thraben for the first time in his life, and didn't prepare for the night. He was sleeping right next to the road until he heard a howl. A werewolf was running towards Kyle and he was standing there in fear, watching as the savage creature was charging towards him.

    Right at the moment when the werewolf was going to make a blow, Kyle dodged and started to run into the forest. He heard as the werewolf was chasing him, so he climbed on top of a tree. Kyle has been climbing on the buildings of Thraben, so climbing on top of a tree was easy. The werewolf didn't find Kyle, who was watching it from the tree. Eventually the creature found something else to chase and ran away. Then Kyle started to move down from the tree to get his bag, but when he was hanging on a branch, it broke and Kyle fell down to the hard ground and lost consciousness.

    When Kyle woke up, he was in a house with bandages on his head, lying on a bed. He doesn't remember the last time when he slept on a soft, clean, warm bed. The morning sun was rising outside and the room was slightly dusty but still neat. It was probably a guest room. He could hear and smell as someone was cooking in another room. Then the door opened right before him. A middle aged woman was carrying a plate with soup on it. She was delighted to see Kyle awake at last. She gave Kyle a spoon, the soup and told him to eat it so he will feel better.

    The woman introduced herself to be lady Oona Tarcur. She told Kyle how his husband found Kyle lying in the forest with a wound on his head last night near their farm. Her husband brought Kyle into their home and Oona started to bandage the wound on Kyle's head. Then they put Kyle into the guestroom and waited until morning.

    Then a middle aged man comes into the room. He laughs as he sees that the boy is still breathing. He introduces himself to be Roy Tarcur, husband of Oona. Then the two asked Kyle's name and asked how he ended up into the forest in that condition. When Kyle revealed that he is an orphan boy from Thraben, Roy and Oona stared silently at each other for a moment. They left the room and started to mumble right behind the door. Kyle couldn't figure out what they were talking about so he started to eat the rest of the soup from his plate.

    When Roy and Oona came back to the room few minutes later, Roy asked if Kyle wants to live with them and their two children, Jaxon and Tia. They could always use extra hands in the farm and they would give Kyle food to eat, clothes to wear and a roof where he can live under. Kyle couldn't be any happier. These people seem to be like his distant, good relatives. He promised to help in the farm when he gets better.

    And so Kyle settled in the home of Tarcurs. After some time, Oona and Roy adopts Kyle so he becomes one of the Tarcurs. Over the years he works in the farm with his foster family and visits the capital from times to time. He sometimes walks into the wilds, so he can observe the wolves and even werewolves from trees, for he is fascinated by these creatures and wants to understand why his father hunted them. He has even learned some spells which only Kessigers know about while being in the wilds. Sometimes their home farm is being attacked by a wolf or a werewolf and the family has to fight against them.

    When Kyle was 13 years old, he wanders to the wilds as usually after the day's work. But this time his foster sister, Tia, tries to follow him, for she is curious to watch what Kyle does after these years. However, she gets lost because Kyle is deeper within the wilds than she suspected, and she can't find back home. After Kyle has returned home, he hears from his foster brother, Jaxon that their sister is not home. So Kyle and Jaxon goes into the forest to search for Tia while their parents are in the farm, wondering where are their children. Jaxon takes two pitchforks with him, "just in case", according to him.

    It was getting dark and the two boys were in the wilds. Kyle was leading the way, for he has been wandering around there more than anyone else in the farm. Then they hear a girl's scream nearby. They follow the noise and sees as Tia is trying to hide from a werewolf.

    This werewolf looks more dangerous than the others which have attacked the farm. Kyle draws the predator's attention to himself and tells his foster brother to get Tia to safety. The werewolf then tries to attack Kyle's foster sister, but Kyle comes into its way and hits the creature with the pitchfork. The werewolf howls and chases Kyle, who was running into a forest opening.

    He fights the predator and injures its leg, but then it becomes angrier than before. The creature scratches Kyle's head and he falls to the ground and drops his pitchfork. Then werewolf is about to bite Kyle's arm off, but he manages to take the pitchfork and stab the predator's heart with it.

    The werewolf dies at the moment it bites Kyle's hand. Its strong and sharp teeth penetrates his flesh and he feels burning pain in his arm. Kyle opens the dead lycanthrope's jaws and kicks its head away from the arm. He feels sick, as if he's about to throw up. Everything around him becomes red as he transforms under the rising full moon. His planeswalker spark also ignites in the horror which he is witnessing: He is transforming into a werewolf. He planeswalks into another plane and loses consciousness.

    Kyle wakes up in a strange world. He sees as the morning sun rises and dragons are flying above in the skies. He can't get up; everywhere hurts. He feels like as if he has fought in a war for the entire night. Then he looks around and sees few corpses. Green humanoids and a small dragon hatchling have been mauled by a werewolf. Kyle didn't know what those creatures are. Then someone was walking from the distance to Kyle's direction.

    A long haired man with a staff came to see what killed this young dragon.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Decided to make my own

    Jul Ren, Combat Adept: Jul Ren started his life as a Jeskai student, under the wisdom and authority of Shu Yun, The silent tempest. He quickly climbed the ranks as a fierce warrior, able to fight even Narset Transcendent and Shu Yun himself, who quickly bested the young monk. Training after day of training, Jul Ren was getting better and better. Upon hearing the death of Narset, his planeswalker spark ignited, and he planeswalked away.

    Jul Ren, Resolute Warlock: Jul Ren planeswalked to the plane of Ravnica, where he was met by Ral Zarek, the Izzet League Planeswalker. Zarek taught the young Ren the power of lightening, and this improved his power to fight, as well as be a powerful mage. After about 15 years, he thanked Zarek and planeswalked away.

    Jul Ren, Aging Friar: He planeswalked to Innistrad, where he immediately put his power to work. He fought many zombies and werewolves, but he met with Liliana Vess. Liliana was already tired from dealing with Garruck, so she told Ren to go away. The stubborn Ren was devoted to fight a new warrior with his trained power, and challenged her. She used her last ounce of strength to curse Ren with a new curse, and it took a while for it to kick in.

    Jul Ren, Corrupted Monk: while he aged, he began to go senile, and eventually, he succumbed to the curse, turning himself into a demon, who now roams the planes, corrupting souls to become one of himself.
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    Here is another planeswalker of mine with lore. I made this before Kyle for a contest before the one I mentioned in my previous post. Sediran is also a werewolf planeswalker from an unknown plane.



    Sediran Amoux lived in a town where he worked as a guard, watching the streets of his home at night and keeping the townspeople safe from the predators of the night. He lived with his wife, Linda and their daughter, Emma. He had a close friend named Emeric in the guard duty, who went missing one night.

    Few months after the disappearance of his brother in arms, a werewolf attacked the town during the night. Sediran and the guards fought against the cursed predator under the light of a full moon until Sediran saw something shimmering on the werewolf. The werewolf had a medallion which was given to Emeric by Sediran when Emeric first started his guard duty.

    Sediran realized that his friend had now become a werewolf. He didn't want to kill him or let the other guards slay their former brother in arms, so he decided to lure the beast away from the town instead. Sediran took the nearest horse he found in the town and gained the werewolf's attention. The werewolf chased Sediran into the forest, where he outplayed the predator and trapped it into an old pit. He couldn't get out of there, so Sediran just watched as the morning sun rose and the predator transformed back to human form.

    It really was Emeric. He had become a werewolf. Sediran's duty is to protect the town from savage creatures but he didn't want to kill his friend either. Emeric asks forgiveness for becoming a werewolf. He tells that he has settled in an abandoned house which is located deep within the wilderness, far away from the town. Sediran helped Emeric out from the pit and brought him back to his new home with the horse.

    Sediran told Emeric to move farther away from the town so that he wouldn't return as a werewolf ever again. Then Sediran rode off with the horse without looking back.

    When he was getting close to the town, he saw as the other guards awaited him with the guard captain Radolf at the town gates. Sediran jumped from the horse's back and before he could say anything, the guards knocked him out.

    When Sediran regained consciousness, he was in chains before the guards and the mayor of the town, Blavier. Mayor Blavier told Sediran how some of the guards went after Sediran the night he lured Emeric in his werewolf form out of the town and saw them going deeper into the wilds with Emeric in his human form at morning. Even though Sediran tried to explain, the guards, captain Radolf and mayor Blavier came to the conclusion that Sediran is helping the wolf packs which have been tormenting the town for many years and decided to throw Sediran into prison and then hang him when the morning comes.

    During the midnight, Sediran' wife, Linda, helped him escape from the prison. Linda stole the key from the guards, for she didn't want them to kill Sediran. She told that the townspeople are sure that Sediran is helping the werewolves because he is one of their packs, just like Emeric. Then she told him that Emma is safe in the capital, and once they've escaped from the town they can live there, away from the people of the town who wants to kill Sediran. So Sediran and Linda packed, took their horse from their home and escaped from the town.

    But they didn't get far. Guard captain Radolf caught them with his guards at the outskirts of the town. They killed Linda's and Sediran's steed with an arrow and then they chased them deeper into the woods. Sediran tried to protect his wife but the guards shot arrows at him. He fell on the ground bleeding and watched as they killed Linda right before his eyes with swords.

    Sediran was sure he will die there with his wife, but then he heard the howl of the werewolves. Savage predators attacked the guards. Some of them got mauled while others rode back to the town with guard captain Radolf. When the battle was over, Sediran saw as the other werewolves chased the guards except one, Emeric. Emeric quietly watched as his old friend was dying right before him. Sediran crawled to Linda's side, watching her deceased body through bloody tears. Sediran whispered to Emeric that he wished he was strong enough to protect himself and everyone he loved.

    Then Emeric bit Sediran's arm. He felt great pain as his old friend's cursed blood was now in his veins. The full moon was above and Sediran's sadness turned into burning rage. His wounds didn't hurt so much anymore; new kind of power is keeping him alive. He has turned into a werewolf. He held Linda's body in his arms and howled with sadness and rage.

    The two friend followed the other werewolves into the town, where the guards tried to kill them with silver arrows. Sediran and Emeric slaughtered the guards, then started to maul other town members. Then Sediran tracked down Radolf, who was protecting Blavier with only a few guards at the center of the town.

    The guards shot arrows at Sediran, but he slaughtered the guards, ripping apart their bodies in anger. Radolf tried to stab Sediran into the heart with his sword, but he wasn't fast enough. The new werewolf crushed Radolf's head on the ground and then watched as Blavier was running away. He chased him down and mauled him.

    Sediran was covered in the blood of the guards and the townspeople. He looked around as bodies were lying everywhere. Everyone in his hometown was dead. On that moment his planeswalker spark ignited. He howled and planeswalked into the plane of Innistrad.

    In the forests of Kessig he found other werewolves and they accepted him as one of their packs. Sediran accepted his new fate, embraced it, living with the other werewolves and animals in the wilds. He vowed that once he is strong enough to control his powers, he will return to his home plane to find his daughter, Emma.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    Cache is a mechanic by @fabiocbinbutter:

    [To cache a card]
    (Exile it face down. You may look at it at any time. You may draw from your cache instead of from your library.)

    Related rules text:
    To cache a card means to exile it face-down as cached. Players may look at any cached cards they own at any time. If a player would draw a card and they own any cached cards in the exile zone, they may instead choose one of those cards and draw that card instead of drawing from the top of their library.

    (The word "from" in the first sentence of her +1 should be "of" instead.)

    A little about the Archivist:

    Orinthene blinked, trying to clear her vision; it didn't help. The blurriness had nothing to do with her eyesight, rather, it was due to the heavy rain on the window pane through which she now squinted. "Torches?" she thought, "Could those little faint red glows out there be torches?" As she lived on the border of Avabruck, strange sounds and sights weren't really foreign, more intriguing then anything else. As the bright spots vanished from view, either because they were too far away or because the rain had swelled to a downpour, Orinthene decided she better turn in for the night.

    Orinthene was fourteen years old and lived alone in a small run down cottage, what many would call a hut. Not much to look at from outside or in. Her parents were loving wonderful teachers and guardians that had been... misplaced, somehow. Orinthene had carried on alone with a touch of grief and a longing to know just what had befallen her beloved father and mother.

    She awoke with a start only a few hours later to the sound of howls. "Mondronen" she surmised. Living this close to Avabruck meant that Orinthene knew enough that she wasn't easily startled or surprised. She drifted off to sleep.


    Orinthene's discovered that she can planeswalk. During the werewolf attack after the wards around Avabruck's central cathedral, the Temple of Saint Raban, failed. She returned to Innistrad shortly after. She doesn't wish to be anywhere else, she'd begun to archive. Her hut had become a storehouse of documents and research. Mostly in an effort to determine the fate of her parents, she'd now delved into the mysteries of every race on the plane and documented her findings. She's recently learned of Arlinn Kord, she'd witnessed Avacyn cursemuting or killing hundreds of werewolves, and knows of the angel's church launching a new inquisition more terrifying than anything they've done before against the lycanthropes. Not much of it matters as long as she's left to continue her vigil and learn the full extent of what there is to be learned on Innistrad.

    Orinthene's sole goal is to be left alone and undisturbed. She has no desire to assist the coming Gatewatch or engage in the struggle of the native races. Her inherent powers are few, but empower her to keep her archive safe an obscured while simultaneously allowing her to go places others cannot as she collects little known facts.

    (Sorry for my "novel" style and any mistakes I may have made. I know almost nothing of MTG lore, I just scabbed pieces off of wiki and MTG stories.)
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    Once, Drisana struggled with the other outsiders of Ignisp. They lived in the wilderness, avoiding interaction with the factions and their bloodsheds, while finding other unfortunate outsiders to join their group. When some warmongers would find them, Drisana, with her other warriors, would outplay them into their traps within the forests and leave them as a warning for the factions.

    One day, when Drisana and her companions were being chased by enraged Yuratee soldiers, who swore to avenge the deaths of their brethren, the outsiders found ancient ruins deep within the wilderness and decided to hide in there. Within the ruins, Drisana heard voices which no other living person could hear. A weapon, contained within the ruins, was calling her.

    Drisana followed the voice into the lowermost floor of the ruins and found it; an axe with a sinister past, created to destroy its enemies mercilessly. An enigmatic being's soul has been shackled within it which identified itself as "true deity with horrific powers which every mortal will respect when they draw their final breath . . . Egil."

    When Drisana took the weapon, she could feel how the axe's spiritual roots entwined deep within her soul. She couldn't let go of the axe's hilt. The being within the weapon whispered in her mind: "I know who you are and why you are here. I will give you strength as long as you give me lives which I've been desperately yearning for centuries."

    After being paralyzed for a few minutes, Drisana heard fighting in the upper floors. The Yuratee warriors have found her companions and she had to go up there and aid her friends. She ran with all her strength to the upper floors to help the other outsiders to defeat the soldiers of Yuratee.

    Each floor at a time, she fought against many soldiers which could have killed her if not for the weapon she just found within the ruins. During each battle, she could feel as her strength would run out and then come back again. She kept fighting until every last Yuratee soldier was dead.

    After much blood, sweat and tears, she could finally have a brief respite. But that didn't last for long. When the battle was over, Drisana realized she was the only one alive in the ruins. Everyone around her was lying dead.

    When she desperately searched for anyone of her companions to be alive, she saw as some of them didn't even have any wounds. Instead, they were pale and their eyes were hollow. Then the being whispered within her mind: "I transported their life essences within us during the battle, so we wouldn't fall."

    Drisana was shocked. Egil was now a part of her and it kept her alive. She tried to throw the weapon away from her hands, but she couldn't. "We are one. Together we will release ourselves from our prisons. This world has many peculiar sparks, but yours is something special. Cast off your doubts and embrace my gifts!"

    A sudden urge took control of Drisana. "We need more powers", she whispered. "We are not ready yet, but we will be soon enough . . ."

    After that night, Drisana wandered around Ignisp, killing everyone who would get in her way, even outsiders. For each body slain, the powers within her increased.

    When the morning sun was rising, she felt as if something tried to get out of her body. Covered in blood, she shouted. It felt like she was dying until suddenly, her planeswalker spark ignited. Then it all felt good. She knew there is no going back anymore. She disappeared from the plane of Ignisp.

    Drisana found herself in another plane with even greater and more powerful creatures to kill. That suits her and Egil quite fine.
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    I'm not sure if this thread is still going, but here's my entry.

    Screams in the night. Darkness all around. But not natural darkness. This must be conjured, by human or otherwise. With my armor hardly strapped on, I throw my cloak on and carry my sword out the door, rushing toward the sounds of the screams and crashes I hear in the distance of this unnatural darkness. I can’t tell how far the ruckus is from my location, as the darkness around me can be felt almost, and likely has distorted my senses to the world around me.
    After what seems a mile and an hour of running, but could not be accurately judged, I arrive at the home, or what’s left of what was once a home. Not much is left, save the rubble and burned foundation of the once home of a young family. Rushing to what’s left I dig through the rubble trying to find any clues as to what’s happened and what has become of the residents. Then… I find them. Or what’s left of them. The burned flesh of two children and the father… But no mother. Last I knew, she was nearly to term, and expecting the baby within the next weeks or even days. I search around for a clue as to where she has gone, or likely been taken to. Investigating the burns of the destroyed home, under the untrained eye, you wouldn’t be able to, but I have seen it before. These are infernal fires of Demons and devils. Unnatural. Wicked. That leaves only one place she could have been taken to. The Ashmouth. The life-force and gateway to the Demons and Devils.
    Fighting my way through the surrounding woods, there are plenty of clerics and devils alike. Waiting in ambush. Something large must be happening at the Ashmouth. With so many out and prepared to defend it, the sacrifice prepared. And so I slay each one of them. No mercy, no remorse. The Demons I slay offer alternatives, offer power, wealth. But I see through their lies. I see the power they wish to hold over others. And thus I dispatch them. By the dozens. All of them as I make my way to the Ashmouth, and nothing will keep me away.


    I see the glow in the distance. That fiery, infernal and ghastly glow of the Ashmouth. The smell of sulfur. If some could see it without being present, they’d say it may look like a volcanic chasm. But It’s much more than that. As much a mystery as of magic and wonder as Avacyn herself.
    I am now at the edge of the clearing to the Ashmouth. Ahead of me I see them. The cultists and lesser demons… and the pregnant mother.
    The leader cultists calls out to me, as he knows I am there.
    He calls for me to surrender. That there is nothing I can do. The Demon lord has already been summoned and that he will have his sacrifice.
    I can’t let that be the mother or the unborn child.
    And so… I emerge from the woods and drop my sword to the ground. Approaching the gathering that lies ahead.
    I see the Sadistic smile of victory crossing the lead cultists grisly old face. I cannot see a way out of this.
    The Ashmouth’s glow begins to grow, and the ground is trembling. Some great power, some great… evil approaches. The summoning of it is almost complete, and upon his arrival, the mother and her baby die.
    I cannot let that happen.
    Summoning all of the holy might and power I have I fight my way forward, almost releasing the mother when a giant hand reaches forth from the Ashmouth. The Demon will not be denied his prize. His key into the world of Innistrad.
    There is only one way out for the mother.
    Thus, I lunge, shoving her back as I fall into the Ashmouth, blasting at the not yet fully materialized Demon. I then grab hold of what I can, with all my might, summoning a spell that binds it to me.
    I fall… and fall… despite its intense glow seen from its surface, the Ashmouth is nothing but blackness. The pain of the Binding I have made with the Demon burns with an intensity that is unnatural and not physical. I feel the very foundation of my being shifting and altering, there is a spark within me, it strikes with such an intensity that I feel as though I have finally reached the end, and I black out, unaware of falling anymore. Unaware of the foul shrieks and cries of the evil creatures and Essence I fall by.

    I awaken.
    But where.
    This is not the Ashmouth, nor does it seem to be Stensia or even Innistrad. Gone is the silver moon. Instead I see a moon of crimson. I see no life around me. The world seems barren.
    I walk for days, passing ruins of all sorts, from old to ancient. The skeletons are innumerable. A plane of death, and a plane that must have once been filled with war.
    I one day reach a cave, partially closed off, but it appears that someone at some point had strained in an attempt to clear it away. I enter this cave after making a small clearing and find an unnatural cave. The walls and floor are smoothed. Even. But ancient. I follow the cavern deeper, hoping to find something that might tell me where I am. As I pass through another pile of stones that had once barred entry to the cave I come upon what looks to be an alter in an ancient chamber. Two skeletal bodies lie on the floor. The alter has two obsidian bowls on it, with what appears to be did and anciently crusted blood within.
    There’s a whisper. I look up and around.
    Again I hear it, or do I feel it? I cannot tell the difference.
    My gaze falls upon two large doors located stone distance behind the alter.
    As if under some possession I raise my hand, and with a light flick of my hand the doors can open… as if they were pushed open from whatever lies within.
    Out of the shadows a figure approaches me. I do not recognize its form, but within me I know. It is in the image of myself that this being appears before me.
    Only a shadow of what I once was I have been transformed. I no longer walk in the armor of holy silver, but in that of onyx. Cloaked in dark shadows.
    The being speaks to me. But it is not my voice. The voice is of the void.
    “Welcome Valoth. Your arrival has been awaited. But this is not where you shall remain. This plane has nothing left of it for us, and thus we could use your…. Services, elsewhere.”
    It is then that I feel them. All of them from that which is beyond the doors. I walk forward through the doorway and can feel the coldness of their essence enter my being. And I see many different worlds, all suspended in the eternal darkness around them. But soon I am no longer in that dark eternity… blind eternity the voice from the void tells me.
    I am now on another world, with life all around. A Demon approaches.
    “shall we begin” it inquires.


    “I once fought the evil of a world with holy fervor. But like fighting a raging fire with a stone, my work never ended and became tiresome. Now I fight the evil with evil, just as fire is fought with fire. The evil of the worlds are not introduced by the Demons. But the Demons are welcomed into the world by the evils which are there. We have a mutual desire for seeking out this. I am the compass that directs, and though their means are somewhat… savage, in the end, the greed of evil always consumes.”

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    Summarization of Valoth and his lore.

    Valoth was once a Demon Slayer on the plane of Innistrad from a village near the Ashmouth in Stensia. True to the holy ways of combat he detested Demons. One night a cult with the assistance of Demons and devils kidnapped a mother with her unborn child to help usher in a powerful Demon lord from the Ashmouth. Valoth fights his way to rescue the mother but realizes he cannot prevent the rise of the Demon lord in one way or another as well as rescue the mother. Therefore he leaps into the Ashmouth after shoving the mother out of the Demons grasp and summons a spell to bind the Demon to himself as he falls into the Ashmouth. As he falls the effects of binding a powerful Demon lord to himself and falling into an infernal portal begin to takes its toll on the essence of Valoth which ends up making his planeswalker spark ignite as he loses consciousness. He awakens on a desolate plane (the home plane of Ob Nixilis) and eventually makes his way to the cave in which Ob Nixilis began the Eighth and final Cataclysm. Here he encounters the shape shifting Demon that approached Nixilis before his planeswalker spark ignited, and notices the change in his appearance through the Demons mimicry. By binding with the demon and walking through the gateway in which Nixilis summoned it and the others of its kind long ago Valoth truly learns how to planeswalk and when arriving on the next unknown plane, learns of his new purpose for being a sort of guidance for Demons and their pacts
  • I'll enter this contest as well, but isn't this the similar to this? And if so, everyone posting here post there as well! XD
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    Meet Sephina, angel of Innistrad who seeks out her creator in order to save her world, and her sisters.


    Sephina is an Angel of Innistrad, created by Sorin and the youngest sister of Avacyn, Gisela, Bruna, and Sigarda. During the war with Griselbrand, Sephina was too young, and too weak, to assist her sisters in battle. As such, when Griselbrand, along with Avacyn and her sisters, was imprisoned in the Helvault, she was spared.

    She misses her sisters dearly, but had hoped that without Griselbrand, Innistrad would be able to achieve peace. Her hopes were shattered however as vampires and werewolves slowly took claim of the plane, and humans lived in a constant state of fear. She knew that this situation was not tenable, and she couldn't allow things to remain as they were. However, though stronger than she once was, she was not powerful enough to save the humans on her own, or with the few angels left.

    Sephina determined that the only way to save the humans was to free her sisters, but she was unable to do so herself. She only knew of one person who could. Her creator, and Lord of Innistrad, Sorin Markov. However, she had no way to reach him. She immediately put herself to study, and worked to discover everything she could about her creator, and where he was. Her search led her Ludevic, one of the most respected, and feared, scientists on Innistrad. His crazed and insane works repulsed her, but after reviewing the documentation she had discovered, he was convinced he could artificially create in her the spark required to travel the planes. She agreed to submit to his experiment.

    It was painful. That is all she remembers of what Ludevic did to her. It was so painful, she was sure she cried for death. But after seven days, the pain stopped, and she felt whole again... and something else. Ludevic had succeeded, mostly. She was still her, still an angel, and so she promised him a boon for his service, and immediately leapt to a new plane to find Sorin.

    However, a novice with her powers, and unnaturally gifted to her, she was unable to direct her course, and found herself randomly sent from plane to plane, most recently landing on the city plane of Ravnica. Lost in the giant city, she is unsure where to go or what to do to find Sorin, especially as she still cannot select her destination. However, she does see one similarity to Innistrad. Suffering. She is an angel, and a protector of those in need to saving. She knows her quest compels her to move on and find her creator, but the people of Ravnica are in pain, and she cannot understand why the Angels of Orzhov and Boros do nothing to help them. She will eventually move on, but first she wants to learn, possibly teach, and try to bring hope to Ravnica.
  • I have a lot of new planeswalkers in my sets and I'll attack the link to the stories so you can read about some of their lores, which the characters do mention from time to time.
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    I don't have art for my cards, but
    Raz Hara Kyshaz, The Hive's Queen Slash Drone
    Essentially, he's the new Sliver queen's personal assistant, although he's more like a pet that anything else. He was originally from zendikar, but when his spark ignited during the battle with Ulamog and Kozilek just as he would've been crushed by them, he was whisked away to the plane of Dominaria, where he found himself trapped in the middle of a large hive of slivers, which "Adopted" him (Although it was more of a forceful capture, he knew better than to try to resist.) He essentially runs any errands the queen may need, while exploring the multiverse. The reason he doesn't just planeswalk away from the slivers is that he's actually grown fond of them, and he's curious about their interactions with each other. He's been taking odd jobs around the multiverse, such as aiding the Izzet in their experiments on ravnica, or working as a sellsword on Innistrad. He's skilled in all colors of magic, usually practicing odd combinations of mana to confuse his opponents, yet he's fairly weak. He's very good at summoning, where he'll call some of the Slivers he's befriended to aid him in battle. He strongly believes in the "Strength in numbers" ideology, and he shows the slivers' strength as proof.
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