Ignisp Challenge #1: Whose Side Are You On?

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Welcome to Ignisp. Home to grand cities, lush forests, beautiful sights, and a war that has gone on for ages. In order to fit into such a place, you'll want to join one of four main factions, or seek friends in low places.

Your first task: To see which faction you will be joining, take this quiz: https://uquiz.com/34W7Na

Your second task Now that you know which faction you are fighting for, or if you're fighting for one at all, it's time to show them what you can do.

If you're fighting for one of the four factions, make a card for them using at least one color from that faction. Information on each faction is below.

If you're an outsider, then make a card that reflects your personal place in the war. Make whatever kind of card you want!

There is a limit of five cards per person, per account. You may edit your cards until the end of this challenge.

Prizes: Cards I like will be added to or remade for the set, and will receive at least one favorite. Very good cards will score a follow on your account.

Faction Info

Truriol: Green, Blue, and Colorless mana. Focuses on building a defense in secret.

Existing Mechanics: Morph, Megamorph, Manifest, Landfall

New Mechanic: Cabal (When this creature is turned face up, for each creature you have turned face up this turn, put a +1/+1 counter on that creature.)

Devigo: Black, White, and Colorless mana. Focuses on using cheap tricks and pulling strings.

Existing Mechanics: Exploit, Morbid, Delve

New Mechanics: Bloodrite (You can help cast this spell. Each three life you pay while casting this spell pays for {2} or one mana of any color.)

Pitfall - Whenever one or more cards are put into your graveyard, [effect]

Yuratee: Red, White and Blue mana. Focuses on striking fast with a lot of creatures.

Existing Mechanics: Rally, Prowess, Bolster

New Mechanics: Great Guard (This creature blocks as if the blocked creature doesn't have intimidate, fear, menace, or trample.)

Seppuku - If this creature would die in combat, it is instead sacrificed. If this creature is sacrificed this way, [effect]

Czetul: Red, Black, and Green mana. Focuses on hitting hard with massive creatures.

Existing Mechanics: Bloodthirst, Rampage, Raid, Monstrous

New Mechanic: Overkill (If this creature would deal trample damage, it deals twice that much damage.)


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