All of My Cards Have Been Removed?

I started making a set around 2015 and took quite the break from MTG in general when I had around 16 cards in my set. I just came back, only to find that all my cards have been deleted. This is quite aggravating and I would like to know what happened. Thanks.


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    Hi. To save on data space, MTG Cardsmith occasionally purges the card submissions from inactive accounts. Regular users aren't affected by that, assuming we're making cards, leaving comments, logging in, or otherwise interacting with the website. If you haven't been online since 2015, it's likely that your collection was purged from the site.

    Here's a quote from our beloved overseer, @Corwinnn :

    "The Purge, as it's (not) affectionately known, happens roughly every six months, or when we start to run low on server space. It doesn't affect your cards if you have been active within six months of The Purge.
    Once the cards have been "purged" there is no other way to get them back aside from recreating them from memory ...or having saved a back-up copy on your computer that you can look at.
    There is always a heads up before every purge and all you need to do is log on to your account to keep your cards safe. You don't even need to make a card, just log in every six months!
    The other way to keep your cards safe is to become a premium subscriber, but that's for those who can afford to donate, and not required to avoid The Purge and enjoy MTGCardsmith!"
  • Oh. I guess I can understand that. Though it's still aggravating. Thanks
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