Double sided cards

It would be really cool if you could make double sided cards, like the ones from Innistrad and Ixlan.


  • Post "yes" in the comments if you want double sided cards.
  • Yes, though I'm no sure this is easy to program.
  • We can already make double-faced cards, my friend. All you need is a transformation clause and a second card created.
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    Given the current editor, it is very difficult.

    With a lot of work, they could post a feature to the site that lets you link one card's page to the other. In which, the second card would be displayed on the other card's page.

    But in all honesty, this would take a lot of working with HTML, site layouts, and editor functions. That doesn't even account for all the assets that they have to attain first, namely border templates from card scans.
  • What's a transformation clause?
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    @CaptCrimson, Just make both sides:
    image image
  • Here's another example:
    image image
  • hi guys. is there a way to avoid that annoying silver/reflective "belly" on the bottom of the card? it affects the text and is totally unnecessary. cheers
  • @Ravhic-Zurohv If you make a rare or mythic, it will have the embelm at the bottom. if you make an uncommon or common it won't be there.
  • Yeah, I agree about the effect on the text, but in order to maintain semi-realistic cards that "foil" kinda has to be there on Mythics and Rares. @Lastjustice has the perfect solution!
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    You dare say @Corwinnn, It's a "Common" sense answer!
  • Oh my! The puns are everywhere!
    I hope my training comes in handy here!
    and Dodge!

  • @Corwinnn: those are some Uncommonly quick reflexes!
  • You might say @Corwinnn is in Rare form. He is truly a mythic mod!
  • Yes, but I already messaged @mtgcardsmith about it and he said that it was on his to-do list and that it would take a long while and that he might not get to it for a while either...
  • If you want to make double sided cards with the symbols and all that shabang, you can use Magic Set Editor, an alternative custom card creation tool. That's not to say I don't reccomend MTGCS or anything else, this is just my solution if you're really dying for the visial style of flip cards.
  • Yes, for now MSE is the best option for double sided cards, unless you just want to buy two phones and glue 'em together.
  • @Corwinnn Thats what you told me when I asked about them XD! (As you can see i didnt forget the third n)
  • @Corwinn nice Dodgeball reference :)
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