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So was just making a powerpoint to teach a big group how to play magic all at once and had a slide describing the different card types, including the difference between permanent and nonpermanent. It reminded me of an idea I had a while back. Instant creatures don't exist. What if light waves were actually an almost ageless, super civilization?So the story would be that a mage finds that he can shrink himself to sub-subatomic levels and speed himself up to lightspeed to interact with this civilization, which has culture explaining the way light acts. Make a card repping these Solsapiens, preferably with an Instant Creature that shows how the mechanic could be, but otherwise just in general. Will announce winners 10/5 which is about 2 weeks. Top winner gets 3 favorites, second 2, third 1.


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    @sanjaya666, here is a summary of what @brcien tried to say:

    * He/She tried to teach a group how to play MTG, and they were confused about the difference between permanent and nonpermanent

    * He/She suddenly was inspired by the idea of 'Instant Creatures' and created an idea for a set.

    * His/Her set was about an eternal civilization and a shrinking, teleporting mage.

    * He/She made a contest to find a mechanic for an 'Instant creature' mechanic.

    Fortunately, MTG appears to already have one!

  • @Gelectrode
    So, just create wizard cards with flash then since nobody knows what Solsapiens look like.
  • Sorry guys, worked last night! I mean an actual creature type being "Instant Creature" not just Flashers, and Solsapiens are light particles. I was picturing the opposite of Aetherborn, but take that however you want.
  • so the solsapiens would be closer to those lightning elementals: come into play, deal damage or have some effect and poof away again xD

    guessing "instant" creatures means they are like instants: nonpermanent creatures, not a bad idea
  • @brcien, I love the concept, but do you want people to literally create "Instant Creature"s or "Creature - Instant"s that go to the graveyard as soon as they resolve? Because I don't see the point of them being creatures at all-- unless there's going to be a ton of instant-speed interactions.
    Also, that could pretty much be Evoke.

    Another plausible thing to do would be to bring back Interrupts (Instants that had to be played at instant speed) so that players are forced to do a lot of stuff while things are on the stack.
  • That's funny, Maro stated that a posteriori he would have liked Instant to be a supertype so sorcery would have been the only non permanent type and we would have had "Instant Sorcery" instead of Instants and "Instant Creature" or "Instant Enchantment" instead of creatures or enchantments with flash ^^
  • World building dictates design. "Why would you make instant Creatures?" "Because it could make sense for the Solsapiens." If you think Evoke or Flash make more sense,feel free to use them instead. If you do instant creatures, you also need to consider what mechanic it is that makes them instant. It could be a weird mix of Flash and Evoke. Who knows? That's why I pose this to you guys.
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    Your keyword doesn't function properly since a permanent card can't also be an instant/sorcery. The following may help with the issue.

    Evoke compared with our recommendation: (Reference)
    Evoke (cost) (You may cast this spell for its evoke cost. If you do, it's sacrificed when it enters the battlefield.)

    Lightspeed (cost) (You may cast this spell at the time of an instant for its lightspeed cost. If you do, it's sacrificed when it enters the battlefield.)

    In addition, we'll be sending you a template for how you can implement your idea on a transform card. Which would allow it to change between permanent and non-permanent types. (Will update on this comment!)
  • @modnation675
    I think you could actually make light speed work in a different way that didn't trigger ETB effects. It would be kind of weird and work similar to overload.

    Lightspeed N - you may cast this card for it's lightspeed cost anytime you could cast an instant. If you do it is an instant instead of a creature. Remove any instance of "When this creature enters the battlefield" from it's text.

    It's a bit wordy but i think that should work within the rules of magic.

    {2}{W} Healing Solsapien
    When Healing Solapien enters the battlefield you gain 5 life.
    Lightspeed {W}

    {3}{B}{B} Solsapien Assassin
    When Solsapien Assassin enters the battlefield destroy target creature.
    Lightspeed {1}{B}{B}

    Static abilities like Trample, haste, vigilance, etc. should have no effect on the instant mode. Lifelink would make you gain life equal to damage dealt by the instant, deathtouch would make it so that any damage dealt by the instant would be enough to kill a creature. These interactions could be used to make interesting card design or could be easily ignored if they were too confusing.
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    How about shuffle them in the library instead of suicidal effects? You know, for more realistic approach.

    The Solsapiens aren't a bunch of suicidal weirdos, are they?
  • Both interesting ideas, especially @ serpentail ! Lemme see some entries though!
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    @brcien just discovered this contest/discussion. Looks unfinished and the idea sounds fun. I took a stab at your idea hope you dont mind. Heres my 1st attempt at your mechanic:

    Lightspeed by @brcien using @serpentail's suggestion:

  • @SorinJace cool! I went through my sketchbooks and saw my concept art for the solsapiens. This contest fizzled since people weren’t very interested in it. Thanks for the memories!
  • Its an interesting concept. I think you was on to something here @brcien. It wasnt explored enough it looks like. Did you submit this to the mechanics encyclopedia?
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    And another:

    Lightspeed by @brcien using @serpentail's suggestion:

  • The tricky part of Lightspeed is making its effect effectively different than evoke. No I have a few mechanics but have never submitted any.
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