not just my name, but created for a plane and set. the plane is weird with different biomes with their own rules and magics in 10 miles squares, decide on up to 4 of these squares per person and feel free to build cards for anyone's squares, and always put the square on the card please. other wise no rules (:


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    If I where you I'd decide what each group's colors are so there is some jumping off point and a balance between colors.

    Ally-colors: W/U, U/B, B/R, R/G, G/W.

    Enemy-colors: W/B, U/R, B/G, R/W, G/U.

    --------- --------- ---------

    Wedges: W/B/G, U/R/W, B/G/U, R/W/B, G/U/R.

    Shards: G/W/U, W/U/B, U/B/R, B/R/G, R/G/W.

    --------- --------- ---------

    4-Color: U/B/R/G, B/R/G/W, R/G/W/U, G/W/U/B, W/U/B/R.

    I'd probably go with either ally or enemy colors, potentially with different people working on specific colors. It also lets the different mechanics of each color combination easier to assign. You could always choose to do something else, though.

    Hope this helps!
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