What is your set's story?

Every magic set in existence has a story to it. Even custom sets, but most of us don't know those stories. You can post interesting stories about cards here and the story for the set, just make sure we can all view and read it, by linking it in with the set it goes with.


  • oh, you even wrote stories for them. Well, I'll be so kind to read them xD
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    most cards i create all belong to the same plane and the "sets" i have created are just different kingdoms or lands within this plane.
    As i have now over 400 cards (350+ of which all belong to this story) the story has become quite huge and difficult to write in a comment.
    I have plan to release the general timeline of my main plane the 11th of December (my 1 year anniversary).
    I will however tell a very simplified version of the story and the different allegiances of the plane.

    The name of the plane is Hevitos and was for hundred of thousands of years a plane of hellish nature with vulcanos and eternal fires, execpt for a small land in the north were humans and other races could live. But the plane was in general inhabitated by demons, dragons and other fierce races of red and black mana.

    One time a being known as the Celestial invaded the plane, trying to consume the world for an unknown purpose. The Celestial was defeated by an alliance of planeswalkers, humans, angels, demons, dragons and many others called the Unified. This was done by luring the celestial into the largest vulcano of the plane with a false nonentity relic.
    The Celestial was kept in it's prison by another relic, the eternity relic.
    The wizards and planeswalkers of the Unified could the drain the huge amount of mana from the celestial, this mana streamed into the plane itself and become known as the Manastream.

    During tens of thousands of years, the manastream changed the plane and made it into what it is today, a very comfortable plane of great living conditions, except for a region where the land was still quite wasted as this was to the liking of the local demons, dragons and others.
    As the world became more stabile, most of the manastream started to materialize into an orb which would be the subject for many wars where people tried to take control over this powerful object. Until one day when the Orb was carelessly overused and "exploded", destroying the kingdom it was located in. From this explosion would three beings emerge, the three Ethereals. One, an angelic creature - the Seraphim Ethala. Another, a demonic being, The archdemon Zulkaorom. The third one however dissappeared just as it emerged and only the Seraphim even knows about this being and what it is capable of.

    This knowledge would in the end make Ethala desperate as she would try to consume the mana of Hevitos to then find, fight and destroy the last Etherial. She was however defeated by an alliance that included Zulkaorom, some to-be-named heroes and Septhis Thanatos (A planeswalker with his own large backstory.) https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/septhis-thanatos-2
    Ethala was considered too powerful but the Seraphim was considered a neccesary being for the world so the second Seraphim Theoria was created from parts of Ethala's man.
    It was during the Second Seraphim's reign as Zulkaorom revolted and tried to take over Heventos but he was killed, but so was also Theoria and many other, one of these being Veloria. https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/velora-angel-of-asenthos

    Three generations of seraphims (3rd: Helinne, 4th: Charmeine and now 5th: Angelina) later we are in the current time of the story when the leader of Zargoth Archmar Keraforn and his loyals are on the work to revive Zulkaorom and once again take the battle to the Seraphim, which for the moment is just a child and thus weak.

    In the timeline reveal of 11th of December i will mention more about who Septhis was and how he was saved by Ethala, the seraphim he would later help killing. I also left out Hadraniel, the "father" of Angelina who offered something beoynd his life to protect his daughter, these and many more.
    The different alligiences of Heventos is explained in next comment, which i will post tomorrow.
  • A custom set I was working on but stopped as I got more involved in World Builder contests focused on a plane divided into five nations. Those nations every hundred years would send five of their best soldiers to fight on an island that centers the plane. Can't remember why though... Too long ago.
  • well, originally my intend was to make a set based on an rpg I was playing, followed by the idea for a set based on an older D&D I did, but now I've finally believe to have found something better. Since I've entered the Credius moniker of my planeswalker in a few contests and storybuilding discussions over the past time, why not finally make an origin for him, flesh out his past.

    So I begun the arduous task of not just creating a set, but a whole block based around the plane of Xeras.


    A plane in the multiverse where mana could truly flourish, where man and beast were united and at peace. an ydillic and tranquil plane, protected by a wise and kind god, the last of his kind, just as Xeras.

    Nicol Bolas' plans had changed the multiverse, his schemes were not left unanswered and when the Gatewatch fell to his power, there was nothing left to stop him from seizing control, but he had made a terrible mistake with all his schemes, he thought he could control the multiverse's deepest and darkest secrets and in his attempt to do so, he unleashed something far worse than the eldrazi or the phyrexians, he let loose the origin of all black mana, the void from which all darkness sprang, the Aether.

    The first to be consumed by this unimaginable force was Nicol Bolas himself, torn assunder in a moment's notice, his immense power ridiculed by his ignorance. Without the gatewatch, he could not stop the Aether and without him, the Multiverse could not last either. Plane after plane got corrupted and consumed by this unstoppable force until only Xeras remained.

    On Xeras, Narethis, the God of that plane, battled the Aether for eons, protecting the plane and its people from the dark powers that threatened them, yet as the battle raged on, the Aether's tendrils reached out and touched Xeras, slowly corrupting it and changing it, until the Aether was seemingly finally beaten, consumed by Narethis in a last ditch effort to rid the multiverse of it...


    This is the first Xeras set: aptly named Xeras, which puts itself during the war between Narethis and the Aether, with hardly any black in it.


    This is the second set, which is after Narethis consumes the Aether and changes begin to happen, black is not a firm staple, but balanced with the other colors. This one has the pre-planeswalker Credius.


    The third set of Xeras, leaning heavily towards black, with a black/artifact domination in terms of numbers. This one has the so-called First Credius Planeswalker card xD (even though I had another one made much earlier...but removed it in favor of this one)
  • I have a set called "The Dusk" whose story I am working on atm.
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    So far i made a set called "wrath of Alatar"
    Its kinda centered around this card
    I haven't come up with the full story yet but it's kinda about a wizard who experimented with spirit summoning and started to delve into darker magic until he became corrupted and turned himself into a spirit to become more powerful. But im still working on the story :)


    @NokiSkaur i changed how the card works, any thoughts on the new abilities?
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    You can't sacrifice creatures you don't control. You don't need to specify "Sacrifice a creature you control." It's just extra words.
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    I have a two-part set working right now on a plane called Satheaux.
    Set 1: Secrets of Satheaux link here: https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/RohanDragoon/sets/16408
    this set is about 85% complete. it needs a few more commons and uncommons as well as some more artifacts
    Set 2: The Void Rift (not yet started but should be starting soon)

    Secrets of Satheaux basic story:
    The plan of Satheaux for the longest time has been a plane of unmatched political prowess, conniving, and power grabs. The majority of humans live within the bounds of the empires of Denasai and Kirvitch, whose harsh political games have been memorialized as myths across several other planes. Denasai (white-blue) is an empire focused on the ambiguity of intentions; all moves are made behind closed doors and true intentions are always hid. Many players secretly employ assassins to take out rivals and rise to power, and open declarations of ill-will are condemned. Kirvitch (black-red) is an empire of the opposite; many players make dark pacts with demons in order to rise to power and eliminate their enemies, and all hostilities between rivals are openly expressed (even death threats/contracts). Though seemingly at odds, Kirvitch and Denasai have come to strike a pact; to put down the hostilities between empires so that both could flourish and play their own games. But this peace is superficial: not only do both empires secretly plot to destroy the other, both have entreated a strange entity in the void. This entity is treated as a god to both empires, and both empires create their intentions based on the whispers of this Void Being. But there is far more to this plane than just these two empires. Far away from the empire's reach lay the Outlands, enclaves and cities that worship the Stone Gods. The Outlands, however, are under fierce suppression, as any Outlander with magic almost certainly becomes chained by shackles of the Void Being, and their magic is suppressed. Of course, there are those who are powerful enough to resist the Void Being, and murmurs of a Second Coming of the Stone Gods are beginning to spread.
    Our story, however, reflects enlightenment, for our two primary characters are, at the start, blind to reality. Lady Valhaux, a great player of the Great Game of Denasai, and Lord Yovan, a great player of the game of Kirvitch, have both been exiled; Lady Valhaux for inciting an unsanctioned duel with a rival, and Lord Yovan for taking out a rival through secret machinations. On their travels alone through exile, they happen upon one another, and forge a pact; a pact to leave their old lives behind and find a way to survive. A while after (at least a month), they come to a city called Bhan, the closest Outland City to the empires. While travelling through, they notice many former empire folks among the crowds; other exiles who survived. But there is a man that draws their attention in the square, for he is foretelling the Second Coming of the Stone Gods, so that they will confront the oppression of the Void Being. As never hearing of the Stone Gods, they inquire further, and speak to the man. He calls himself Teyon, and he is delivering the message of the Void Seer, Feren Iadekus. After listening more to the plight of the Outlands at the hands of the Void Being, Lady Valhaux and Lord Yovan resign to find this Feren Iadekus, and inquire what is about to happen.
    Their travels take them far, but will it be far enough? What are the seemingly sinister intentions of the Void Being? Are the Stone Gods the protectors that are promised? And can the exiles reach Feren in time to prevent the calamity that hangs over all of Satheaux?
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    You can't sacrifice creatures you don't control. You don't need to specify "Sacrifice a creature you control." It's just extra words.
  • Ill fix the wording in a bit @nokiskaur lol
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/HeroKP/sets/25771


    All the while, we knew what the planes were. We knew where everything came from. We knew that all worlds were complete, and all worlds were visible. It was the last 2, where we were mistaken.
    Oblivion, a world that was never finished. Planeswalkers could not come there. No living thing could come there. There were raw chunks of matter and energy floating around.
    And then a breach. A planeswalker's mistake? Maybe. We shall never truly know. What we did know, is all the raw mass flowed out, into Shandalar. It was inspired by its surroundings, and took form of gnomes. These creatures were agressive, immediately taking over the Dark Wood, the 2nd biggest forest on Shandalar.
    The gnomes had a unique ability - Once they came of age, they could absorb a being of the forest, and gain some of its traits.
    Many chose insects, but there were some that merged with birds. There were even a few brave ones who merged with drakes. (ATTENTION: I ONLY MADE ONE CARD THAT IS AFTER THIS IN THE TIMELINE, BUT I SOON WILL MAKE MORE)
    But then came the Shandalar treefolk, from Light's Forest, THE biggest forest on Shandalar. They wanted to take back the forest, to anihilate the impurity that came from Oblivion.
    The gnomes were torn away from their UG magic, only to grow deeper into the dark wood, the blue in their magic slowly replaced by black.
    Then, the treefolk did the unforgivable. They burnt the Dark Wood, leaving the Gnomes homeless. The source of their green magic was gone. Then, they started absorbing the magic of the ashes. Of fire, of hate, of revenge. They became Black-Red mages. But they could not exist like this. They looked back at the La'Ranha river, and wept, wept for what was lost. Their civilisation is now buried under that river. The gnomes are gone.

    OR ARE THEY?????
    Type in La'Ranha, Home of Eternity in the search to know the truth!
  • I completed making the cards in my 1st set roughly about a month ago, my set is called "SAGARA UNDERSIEGED". The flavor text on the cards mainly tell the story of Sagara. Sagara is a peaceful planes, that is, until a Pirate named Skullbrander challenged Nicol Bolas. Nicol Bolas almost destroyed Skullbrander before Skullbrander escaped from him. The battle nearly took every ounce of energy and power Skullbrander greedily gained over time, doing whatever was necessary to keep himself alive and to be more powerful. His greed lead him to becoming a pirate, and when he thought he could take Nicol Bolas on because of all the power he gathered up, Nicol Bolas beat him so badly that Skullbrander started to lose his powers and was dying, slowly becoming a skeleton, not a human due to the battle between him and Nicol Bolas.
    When Skullbrander escaped, he found himself on Sagara, home to peaceful creatures that gather their planets energy and power from mainly the oceans. Chul, Oceans Minder protects the oceans on this planes. So when Skullbrander and his forces cracked the sky and literally fell to the oceans and lands and skies alike in Sagara, Skullbrander had one thing on his mind: Returning back to Amonkhet to finish what he started, in stealing Nicol Bolas's gathered power.
    Basically thats the premise of the set, and Jace and Nissa do make an appearance in Sagara. I'm no expert at writing or what not, and this set kinda started to take form over time and was not intentionally started as a set. It just seemed like a cool concept, and the flavor text is pretty much where the story took place on this planes.
  • I've completed the stories for the first two sets, almost finished with a third set story. Haven't typed them up sadly.
  • I made my first ever batch of cards based on our ongoing D&D campaign. The PCs and their hench goblin are mythic rares, but most every card is an NPC, monster, scene or item from the campaign.

    Caldwell: https://mtgcardsmith.com/account/sets/29834

    We have a player who records our adventures as we go but it's unlikely that it will ever be written up and published, not even on a blog.
  • So I have been making a set called Laryk and I might post the full story at some point but some pieces are on this thread:

    (Self promotion.)
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