Kaladesh 2.0

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So who liked Kaladesh Block?
*cricket noises*
Oooookay then..

Well, I was listening to Daft Punk when this random idea popped into my head and I wanted to make sure I got it down before it left me. Anybody remember Blackened Skies, that crappy set I made based on Kaladesh? Well, I figured why not just turn that set into a return to Kaladesh set? With that, the idea of Kaladesh 2.0 was born!

This set takes place a few years after Aether Revolt. Pia was put in charge of the Consulate and now provides unrestricted Aether access to anyone who requests it. Because of this new system, progress in Kaladesh exploded and resulted in a technological revolution.

After the incident with the Planar Bridge, Saheeli and Rashmi were both promoted to Coconsuls of design and innovation, ultimately the two decided Saheeli would be Consul of Design while Rashmi would be Consul of Inmovation. Using the power her new position provided her, Rashmi managed to create the Aethernet, a planewide wireless netowrk that can be remotely connected to from aether devices that allows the citizens to effortlessly communicate, design, and share ideas.

Rishkar was promoted to Consul of Allocation and worked in tandem with Rashmi's project and some of the more experienced lifecrafters from outside the city to perfect the ability to allow the mind and body to connect to the Aethernet, creating the first cyborgs. Rashmi and Rishkar themselves volunteered to be the first subjects to undergo the transformation, but since their initial success the procedure has become fairly commonplace and accessible to the middle class. Pia herself has undergone this transformation.

The elves in general became obsessed with the idea of expansion and improvement of nature, in an artificial way. Their inventions quickly became invasive species that are outcompeting the natural wildlife. Meanwhile Ghirapur continues to expand outward and pave over what used to be forest and outerlands, assimilating any smaller villages along with it. While not intentional by either party, these two things are beginning to disrupt the ecosystems and wildlife of the plane.

Bitter after the consulate's defeat, Baral escapes from Dhund and undergoes a complete transformation, becoming a cyborg. He recruits Kambal and Sram to aid him in trying to take down the Aethernet and halt the Kaladeshi cyber revolution, fearing that the continuation of doing so will result in Ghirapur's eventual collapse as information becomes too hard to control and rebellious ideas spark—or at least that's what they're saying to try to win people over to their side.
In the wake of this technological revolution, Servos are repurposed into Widgets. Designed by Artemis, a young engineer aspiring to one day get a position in the New Consulate, Widgets are reengineered Servos that are each given one chief task and a modification pack that can reshape their body. They can wirelessly share their chief tasks with one another so every widget within range of it can modify their body to do that task as well. Widgets have become in a sense a self-sustaining society, similar to Myr, but do not need a master to obey. They are programmed to never hurt or kill a citizen unless that citizen is deemed threatening, but if Baral's hackers can crack the Widgets' programming network, they will have a self-sufficient, intelligent, nearly infinite, adaptable army at their disposal.
Because he arrested Baral and followed justice rather than following oppressive law and turning a blind eye to tyranny, Dovin Baan was given a second chance to be a part of the Consulate and now serves as head of Security, he is a ruthless Aethernet programmer working around the clock to outmaneuver the hacker team, but he can never seem to track down where they are infiltrating from. The underground network they have established is virtually untraceable and so flawless in its execution hat not even a being who can magically see the flaws in anything can figure out where they're coming from. Baan fears he one day might not be able to stop the developing hackers and that the Widgets or possibly even the greater aethernet may be seized.

Chandra, after some event I am not sure of right now, retreats to Kaladesh after becoming badly wounded. She hadn't been back to her home plane since she took down Tezzeret, so she has no idea how the New Consulate has fared, what might happen to Kaladeshi progress, or even if her mother was still alive. Upon arriving on the plane she is already wounded, but ends up getting confronted by a Widget security force. Having no identity in the Aethernet, she is mistaken for an escaped criminal—who have their aethernet identity stripped upon sentencing—and is attacked. Initially, even in her wounded state she manages to overpower the Widget force, but as more are called into subdue her, they begin to overpower her, not the least of which is due to a Widget that shared a fire suppression method with the others fighting her. Just as she is about to be captured, the Widgets retreat, leaving Chandra badly wounded but still alive and free. Saheeli, recognizing her friend, overrode the Widget programming and sent them away.
Chandra falls unconscious and is brought to Pia and Rashmi in order to figure out how to save her. It is ultimately decided that the most effective solution for both parties is to restore the most badly damaged parts of her body, her right arm and both her legs as artificial limbs, turning her into a cyborg. Rashmi, implementing Chandra’s pyromancy into her new design, turn’s Chandra’s arm into a high-powered Flamethrower fueled by her magic, which increases the power of her fire blasts dramatically. Chandra was now integrated into the Aethernet.
Upon waking and after the initial panic and confusion wears off, Chandra is glad to see her mother okay. After learning of Baral's hacker squad, she decides to renew her grudge with the old man and actively help Pia and, with some reluctancy, Baral track down and deal with the Hackers for once and for all.

Well. that's about it, I just wanted to quickly draft some cards and get this idea down to come back to after Eathouria. Feedback is greatly appreciated!


  • Well, I've already made some Kaladesh-esque cards, but the timing is a little off. All of my cards take place months after the Aether Revolt set, Gonti becomes an almost-Phyrexian planeswalker, Baral's sword is stolen by an Aetherborn known for using poison, and I'm using my Creative Writing class to write one of the story entries.

    Would you be okay with looking through my set Mechanized Revolt to see if there's anything you like? I don't have many cards in it, mostly for lack of art.
  • I have a card that I considered for this because I just made it, but the flavor is a little off considering the timeline I was going for. In my timeline, Chandra killed Baral, and so three years after Aether Revolt, Tezzeret and Ob Nixilus reincarnate Baral by order of Nicol Bolas. I'll link it here anyway just because why not. See what you think. https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/death-sentence-1?list=user
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    This sounds like Kaladesh rapidly heading down the same road as New Phyrexia.

    Chandra, Intergrated also seems very black. The second ability is a punisher ability since it grants choice, and also feels generally weak. The ult is incredibly reminiscent of Liliana of the Veil's ult as well.
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    Funny. I’m using that same art for my aetherborn planeswalker, Rajul.
    The second ability is definitely a bit black. I’m trying to figure out an adjustment. The ult is just a one-sided Whims of fate, which is a red card.

    As for the story, I’m planning to make this an unsuccessful coup attempt in the end, but otherwise I don’t have it entirely planned out yet, but I don’t plan to make this like Mirodin in terms of the plane’s progression.
  • Is there a link to the set
  • Put Jace in there and get him drunk for some reason. While drunk, he flips sides away from the Gatewatch, then uses his telekinesis to hack all of the Aethernet.
    https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/jace-the-pissed-off Use this one, I may create drunk- Jace followers. Just let me know :b

    PS: What does 'bump' mean?
  • @machomaker I can’t tell if you’re serious and that scares me.
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    Here's a perfect art for future Nissa planeswalker if anyone's interested too.

    (Click the pic for further info.)

  • @TezzeretofCarmot21 Yes, I am 100 percent serious.
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