VENDETTA: Battle of Xalys!

Xalys has been reborn. The five gods - Teusret, Alon Lyk, Noki/Skaur, Anjasna, and Sanvia - have returned. But at what cost?
A race of shadows known as the D'a, who possess people, have combined and imbued their power into a newly raised skeleton necromancer known simply as Villio.
Villio's planeswalker spark, buried in death and dulled in undeath, suddenly ignites, launching him to a deserted, blood-soaked plane. He planeswalks back to Xalys under the influence of the D'a. The demon lord Xalyx suddenly realizes what ritual Villio is performing. He stops Villio and escapes with a large wound, banishing the D'a forever... but the damage has been done.
From ancient ruins in the center of Xalys bursts a spirit simply known as Lord D'a, who enchants the entire plane of Xalys, making the gods remember why they left...
A vendetta...
Noki/Skaur and Alon Lyk unite against Anjasna and Sanvia, while Teusret's forces hold back the armies from a small shrine that may be the answer to all of Xalys' questions - the most important one, Who destroyed it in the first place?

(Sorry for the wall of text. My creative juices were flowing in full force.)


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