Roman Legions Set

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-I want to make a set based off of a huge roman-force and some pretty awesome werewolves and would like card ideas and abilities I should use/reuse.

-I want the "Romans" (fit in another cool name) to be represented as they were, the greatest military force of their time with huge numbers and the best warriors ever, without them being too OP.

-I want to include the Praetorian Guard (personal guard of the emperor, they would occasionally even overthrow him!)

-I do not want them to be op and need some good roman art options.

Now for the werewolves, they need to be strong too, and have many strange and even demonic allies.

I hope you comment with some good ideas for how I should make this set, already (obviously) coming up with some ideas of my own. Anyone who brings a great idea to the table, I will follow and keep a lookout on your cards.

You may post actual card pictures and links if you so like.


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