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Waves crash against icy crags. Fjords rush between high mountains. Geysers spray hot water into the air with volcanic power. Vikings raid elf villages as trolls kidnap young children to eat. Dwarves forge hard steel and frost giants trick the most powerful beings. Welcome to Valadheim (vah-lad-heim).

This is the part most of you would stop reading at. This will just be another custom set, you think. But it won't. Read on to find out how.

The plane of Valadheim is a cold world based off of Norse mythology. It has no gods, however. There are five different races:

R/W/B Dwarves:
Base strategy: Equipment and artifacts.
Abilities: Reforge - Whenever an equipment becomes attached to this creature, it becomes reforged by this creature. (This
will usually be used with another ability, stating "Equipments reforged by this creature have/get...")
Dwarves in Valadheim build all the great weapons and armor of heroes. They are broken up into two clans, the Forklaz
(B/R) and the Ardol (W/R). The Forklaz are more competitive than the Ardol, and make more evil-based artifacts.
B/U/W Giants:
Base strategy: Enchantments and illusions.
Abilities: None.
The giants, which, in names and such, will be known as Frost Giants, are tricky creatures that use enchantments with flash
to gain advantages, making their small creatures big, or the opponent's creatures small. The frost giants are in two clans,
the Atlan (W/B) and the Multan (U/B). The Atlan are giants that boost up your creatures quickly to gain a combat
advantage, while the Multan focus more on illusion magic. Frost giants are evil beings.
G/R/B Barbarians:
Base strategy: Agro.
Abilities: Transformation when entering combat and re-transformation when combat ends.
Barbarians, known as vikings in names and such, are agro creatures. Some have the ability to transform into more
powerful creatures when they enter combat, but after combat they transform back. They have two clans, which are always
fighting, the Tasar (G/R) and the Kulz (B/G). Both are very much agro, but the Kulz focus more on the stamina of vikings,
while the Tasar focus on just beating your opponent up.
W/U/G Elves:
Base strategy: Sliver effect.
Abilities: None.
The elves are peaceful folk that live in small villages. They are often raided by vikings, because they are weak by
themselves. However, they have the 'sliver effect', which is what I call the effect where one creature by itself is weak, but
the creatures give each other abilities to make each other more powerful. The elves are in two races, the Thidas Ur (W/U),
who live in more glacial environments and use more defensive magic, and the Eouir (W/G), pronounced you-ear, which live
in forest lands and use nature magic.
U/G/R Trolls:
Abilities: Abduct - Whenever this creature would deal combat damage to a creature with less power than it, you may
instead exile it with a time counter on it. It gains suspend. When it enters the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on this
Trolls are giant creatures who kidnap young children try to eat them, hence the Abduct ability. There are two types of
trolls in Valadheim, the Gurblaz (G/U) and the Kragathor (U/R). The Gurblaz focus on getting stronger, while the
Kragathor use more complicated means of getting what they want, but are still just big creatures.

By now, you are wondering how I will show you it is not just another custom set. Well, here you go:

You will not be able to make as many rare/mythic rare cards as you want!

The number of cards you are allowed to make will work on a point system:

Number of Points/Number of Rares/Number of Mythics/Number of Legendaries/Number of Planeswalkers

To earn a point, you must make a very good card, or succeed at a mini-challenge. The more points you get, the rarer the cards you can make. Cards are judged on balance, creativity, and FLAVOR!!!! If you make a really powerful, yet flavorful card, it might get you a point.


There must me at least ten legendary cards; one for each leader of the clans. There, of course, should be a few more, but no more than twenty-five.


There should be no more than three planeswalkers. In most sets, there are two types of planeswalkers: what I call Guest and Home. The Home planeswalkers are from the plane in question, while the Guest planeswalkers are people like the Gatewatch who come and try to fix things. I want there to be at least one of each of these types.


I do not want you writing your own lore to this set. No offense, but most of you are not good writers, and your lore will just confuse everyone else. I will not write lore on this forum either, but I will occasionally make a mini-challenge relating to the lore in some way.


At the end of the contest, I will award the cardsmithes with the most points.
1st place: A follow and five favorites.
2nd place: A follow and three favorites.
3rd place: A follow and one favorite.
4th place: Three favorites.
5th place: Two favorite.


No joke cards.
Old cards are allowed, as long as you have some actually relating to this set.
You may edit your entries.
Please do not make too many rare/mythic rare cards!


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