Anyone else having issues in cardsmith activity?

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When I sign into cardsmith, the immediate area I see displays the creations of those I follow, until recently. Instead of displaying the recent creations of the cardsmiths I follow, it displayed to me every recent card that's received a favorite. Is this an intentional thing, or something acting wonky? Also, has anyone else had this happen?

Attached: Image showing the mentioned situation.


  • It might be wonky!
  • I did sign in to the ForgottenDragons set just now, and it looks like yours. There are no people we're following on that account, and it's showing a bunch of Favorited cards!
  • If the people you are following (or if you aren't following anyone yet) haven't posted cards recently, the list defaults back to another list of cards to display, so that list isn't completely empty for new accounts by default. If you are seeing that and know the cardsmiths you are following have created cards recently - it might be worth us having a look. Thanks!
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