Token issues

So, I've been trying to make tokens for a few times now and somehow whenever I select a file to be used, it just simply seems to ignore it and display the same old "select a file". I checked the size of the files, waited twenty minutes, etc... seems it doesn't want to work at all.


  • I just tried making a token after seeing your post same thing happened for me too but it seems to only be affecting the full art frames the other one works fine for me.
  • Certain file types are immediately rejected but the token/planeswalker maker. That might be why it isn't working for you guys.
  • I just made a token with no problem... are you on Mobile?
  • nope, I'll check out what NokiSkaur is saying and test a few more files, but it's weird given they're all jpg and jpeg saved files from artstation :(
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