Trimonia: Three planes in one!!!!

Trimonia is a strange plane, or should i say planes? Trimonia is actually three planes that were crashed into one, creating a new one. There are still the remnants of those three planes though.

The planes were the shaded plane, the celestial plane, and the rune plane, and the place where these three combines is called the walled plane.

The shaded plane is an ancient prison for demons and horrors, where they were sent there by ancient planeswalkers, the celestial plane is a plane used by angels as a sort of headquarters, but they lost their ability to planeswalk, so they trapped themselves.

The rune plane is a very mysterious plane, inhabited by the D'yer, a race that doesn't have a definite form, and not much is known about them.

Before each of these creatures realized the planes had collided, a group of mages, warriors, scholars and an ancient planeswalker had used a machine that allowed non-planeswalkers to travel to other planes, and they built cities on the strange walled plane. All was peaceful until each of the races learned that they could leave their planes, they all went on a terrible rampage on the walled plane. After years of terrible calamity, the mages and the planeswalker finally created three walls to seal each of the races behind them, back into there planes. Each year, a spell would be cast on the walls to keep them strong, and the civilization on the planes was peaceful until the mages died, and the cities became lazy, forgetting the spells that kept the walls together, but nothing happened, so they continued to live in their naive bliss, until the walls began to break, and each of the terrible races stole the scrolls that held the spells to reinforce the walls, and waited until the walls broke for once and for all so they could find the ancient machine the old settlers used to come here, so that they could as escape Trimonia and do their biddings on the multiverse. And then...

You come up with the story! Tell me about characters, about places and other events in this plane. Create cards that describe them, and those with the most creative cards and stories will receive treasures that even the D'yer don't understand.


  • Sounds like a better version of Alara...
    The planeswalker is Jeskai. I'll create him... soon... except I have no time right now
  • Deshkar was one of the three planes, and the collision caused a mass apocalypse that wiped out most of the world. Now, the plane is mostly a breeding ground for Slivers. Not enough natives are left alive to control the Sliver population, and some Slivers realigning with the three-coloured factions of Deshkar.
  • @NokiSkaur I like the Idea, and your welcome to story tell, but the three planes are already chosen, your welcome to talk about some of the lore of those planes!
  • Oh. Sorry. I didn't see the planes because of your Wall of Text. Can you break it up a bit?
  • @NokiSkaur It's alright, I'll go a head and break it up
  • Here are some cards to help inspire you guys.

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    @zizick123 May i add a set of cards? Ive made some of their story that i can change and they still require a plane to call home :)
  • Turn two Avacyn?
  • @zizick123
    Is it a tribal matters set?
    From what I can gather angels are bant, demons are jund, and D'yers are esper.
    Also a suggestion. D'yers should be changed to D`yers
    What are naya and grixis, right now there is uneven color allotment with the races.
  • History of the plane coming up
  • @SpiritDragon A little bit, i would say, but in the end you guys decide, i don't want to determine much about the plane.
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    Part 1: The Creation

    The world began with three separate planes. The Celestial Plane was entirely populated by celestials that tried to maintain order. The celestials had discovered how to make themselves planeswalk without being planeswalkers. However they also had a cruel side to them. They considered themselves vastly superior to all other races and would sacrifice as many mortals as needed to save themselves.
    The Shaded Plane is a plane where everyones' nightmares are personified. The plane is populated with mostly demons and horrors. The few beings that draw breath on this plane are creatures of the night and evil cultists. The overlords of the plane are the daemons, demons that look like humanoid nobles but have minor distinctions such as small horns or one wing.
    The Rune Plane is perhaps the most mysterious plane. It is the home of the mysterious D`yers, A shapeshifter race that loves to preform experiments on the weaker races (everyone else). They are the most technologically advanced of the three races and can channel elemental power and infuse their weapons with it. The D`yers are also obsessed with treasure, hoarding it and only leaving it to save their lives. Their largest experiment is what brought Trimonia together.
    To Be Continued...
  • Sweet, @SpiritDragon I like where this is going! Remember that what happens is all up to you!

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    Part 1 Continued:

    The D`yer had finished all of the checks, nothing could go wrong now. They commenced the experiment...
    The experiment was to see if they could draw power from other planes in the multiverse as an alternative power source to fuel their machinations. However something unheard of happened, They had made an error in the design process. Instead of just drawing energy from other planes, it would draw other planes to them.

    Part 2: The War

    At first the experiment was a huge success, but then it became strange. There were rumors of otherworldly beings, angels, demons, and robots (phyrexians) invading The Rune Plane. In fact these other creatures had come from the other planes that had been drawn into The Rune Plane.

    The D`yer marched to war against the robots as those were the greatest threat at the time. It was a brutal war and everything was against the D`yer, but the D`yer kept fighting. Just as they were about to lose, the tide turned. A group of rebel phyrexians that had not been perfected yet launched their attack. The phyrexians were defeated and retreated from their plane.

    To be continued...
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    Part 3: The Aftermath

    The D`yer were extremely grateful to the rebels, even though they did not understand how a creature so much weaker then themselves could possibly defeat their formidable foe. They were so grateful that they even offered up some of their treasure to the rebels. The rebels did not accept, saying that they were tired of metal and wanted nothing to do with it. They did however say that they wish the D`yer to put a stop to the raiding done by the other planes.

    The D`yer set out to build walls around The Celestial Plane and The Shaded Plane. The wall to The Shaded Plane was crafted from obsidian and vengeful spirits. The vengeful spirits were the spirits of those killed by the demons and would keep out the demons. The wall around the Celestial plane was crafted from the rocks around the stream of life. These rocks would prevent healing when they were around. At the top of the celestial wall was aquifer leading from the stream of life allowing the water to flow down the celestial side of the wall. The water was invigorating to mortals, but could kill a celestial with a drop.

    The rebels were reasonably happy with this arrangement, but wanted total seclusion from the other races. Because of this they made the rune wall blocking off The Rune Plane. This wall was covered in runes that harmed the D`yer and would block them off. However the runes would also empower the D`yer while harming them.

    From then on, everyone lived peacefully until now...


    Author's Note: This story somewhat contradicts the cards for the walls. I have no intention of invalidating them.
    Author's Note #2: If you want more of the story please reference me in the thread and ask.
  • @SpiritDragon What are those celestials? Angels? Gods? Something else entirely?
  • @sanjaya666
    The celestials are mostly angels, but there are some winged snakes
  • Alright heres my short story of my sub faction in this plane, im gonna try to keep my story in line with @SpiritDragon story because i like it.

    After the D`yer built the walls the mysterious planeswalker sent a small force to act as wardens over the shaded plane, these solders were Alatar a powerful spiritmancer, his brother Ommin, and tia a well respected general, and a small group of soldiers. Their main goal was to keep watch over the demons who walked the plane. After years of loyal service Alatar went mad when he began to hunt for a way to become immortal, he began talking to the demons he was sent to destroy. They told him of a way he could become immortal, but it had a great cost. In the end he didn't care, he cursed himself and his brother to achieve his goal. After decades Alatar had either cured or killed most of his old friends and allys, the demons began worshiping Alatar as a god. Alatar began to notice the walls becoming weaker he began sending agent out to spread his cult, soon he had his secret cult spread over Trimonia. the walls would brake soon and Alatar planned to take this plane for himself...

    Thats all i got, for now..
    Also This is the first time I've done this so don't go to hard on me if my story sucks lol

  • Sweet! Like were this is going!
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