Magic: The Game of Chance? *Circuit Challenge*

Hello everyone!
Are you all familiar with coin flip cards like "Mana Clash", or Unglued dice-roll cards like "Chicken a la King"? Well your challenge here is to make a coin flip / dice roll / rock paper scissors / whatever else card!
1. No divine intervention. There is no "Flip a coin. Heads, you win the game. Tails, target opponent wins the game." Those cards are cheap and boring.
2. Make at least one effect detrimental. No "Flip a coin. If you win the flip, draw three cards. If you lose, you gain 5 life."
3. Other than that, keep your cards appropriate, make them funny, and just have overall fun!
It is due October 31st, Halloween. I will post winners November 1st or 2nd.

1st place: Follow and 5 faves plus 1 Circuit Point
2nd: Follow and 3 faves plus 3/4 Circuit Point OR 5 faves plus 3/4 Circuit Point.
3rd: 3 faves plus 1/2 Circuit Point OR a follow plus 1/2 Circuit Point.

Honorable Mention: 1 fave each plus 1/4 Circuit Point.

I know it's not much, but the satisfaction of creating a ridiculous card should be reward enough.
On your mark, get set... SMITH!


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