Plain Old Vanilla

With each new block Wizards releases, we get a slew of interesting new mechanics, creature types and strategies to play with. Now these are all marvelous fun, but what I get really excited for in a new block is its Vanilla Cards. We've all had them filling our packs up; The Glory Seekers, the Tusked Colossodons, the Vampire Nobles.

For whatever reason, I love these kinds of cards, but lately they've started to feel samey, with too many new vanilla cards just being reprints of old ones with an extra stat point or a generic keyword to make them more appealing to draft players (I'm looking at you Colossal Dreadmaw!).

So where else to turn for some fresh new takes on the Vanilla creature than MtG Cardsmith? For this contest, I'd like entrants to come up with some new ideas for vanilla creature cards that we haven't seen before.

Here are some guidelines:

- Submitted cards can be standard Vanilla (No mechanics or Abilities whatsoever) or French Vanilla ( Keyword Abilities Only).

- You may submit as many entries as you like.

- This will not be a judged contest, so there wont be any deadline. I will however favourite any cards that I like, which is likely to be most or all of them.

- Cards can be any combination of colours, or even a colourless creature.

- Cards can be any rarity. You can even make a Legendary creature if you like.


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