Political Card Challenge

=Quick Disclaimer=
DO NOT POST ANY CARDS TO DO WITH REAL WORLD POLITICS. I want cards to do with MTG politics in commander games, not horribly punctuated Trump cards that look they were made by a three year old getting access to their mum's iPad.

=The Contest
So, yes, in this contest we are going to be creating Political Cards , cards that cause some sort of negotiation in multiplayer games. The kind of cards that let you make friends with other players, and working out how to make it so they won't attack you on and so that you work together. The kind of stuff that makes commandewr so fun. I'm sure somebody can explain this contest better than me, but there you go.

Examples would be cards that seemingly help opponents, saying giving each player a positive effect, or that give some kind of choice to an opponent.

I'm looking for cards like:

Not cards like:

Here are some other real MTG examples of political cards.

1. Old cards are allowed.
2. Max THREE entries each.
3. No off topic chat, please
4. Balanced cards please.
5. If anybody posts a Trump card I will contemplate suicide.
6. Try to make your cards look as real as possible.

Should be in around two weeks although it may be sooner depending on how I feel. Or longer.

Notify me if I've screwed up somehow, or if you're confused.



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