High Resolution Images?

The images downloaded on this site are quite low resolution and many card printing sites will not print the image on cards because of this. Any idea how to get this site to produce a higher resolution image?


  • We most likely will not increase the resolution for just the reason you mentioned.
    There is a fine line between making a proxy and "counterfeiting", and MTGCardsmith is perfectly happy letting people make proxies!
    Here are some links that might help you.
  • My issue isn't higher resolution for printing cards themselves. I'm wanting to create some T-shirts for our store with a card I created on the back. Having higher resolution would allow me to use the cards here. Any idea if I can get them for that purpose?
  • I know that question is intended for Corwinnn...but I think that is probably in violation of copyright as it is very closely related to a magic card being printed on a shirt
  • @litgoddess - Have you tried Magic Set Editor? If that doesn't work, you might need to hire a freelance artist to create something for you.
  • @Corwinnn is on the money here, if you want super high-res images for printing or other works - a web editor is not going to be the best choice. We recommend MSE or using Photoshop to create renders directly. Thank you!
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