Circle of the Druids

Druids are mages or shamans that specialize in using magic involving nature, such as the elements, plants or animals or weather. They usually devote to protect nature and keep the world in it's natural state, although druids can have many ideals. Some investigate the cycle of life and death, some worship elemental, and some even vow to destroy all undeads, but ultimatly, you guys decide. I want to see some cards that have something to do with druid's or their cause.

Here are some mechanics:

Circle of the land: As long as you control 4 or more lands, (effect).

Circle of the Moon: as long as you have 5 or more cards in your hand, (Effect).

5 entries per person
No joke cards (Humor can be included)

First Place: 7 favorites

Second place: 5 favorites

Third place: 3 favorites

Honorable mention: 1 favorite

Good Luck!


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