Legends Remastered (Judging Phase)

One of people's favorite parts about Magic that separates from other games, if you're a Vorthos like me, is the vivid storyline and intricate characters. In-game, these are represented most commonly by legendary creatures, figures that can turn the tide of a game the moment they are played.

If any of you were alive and playing back in Ye Olden Days of Magic (1994 to be exact), you might remember the Legends set. It was the very first set to introduce legendary creatures (and lands), and for that matter also the first to introduce multicolored cards. As you can imagine, this was kind of a big deal when it came out.

Sadly, almost none of the Legends ever got reprinted, and nowadays most of them are practically unplayable due to being extremely overcosted, having almost useless abilities (I'm looking at you, anti-plainswalk), and having the inherent disadvantage of being legendary in the first place.

The job of you all is to bring these forgotten legends back to life. Go to this link: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?action=advanced&type=+[Legendary]+["Creature"]&set=+["Legends"], and choose any of the legends you like. Then make a new, revamped version of that character! It can be their younger self, older self, different version, or even a planeswalker, if you wish. You can do whatever you want with him (or her)!

1. Must be either a legendary creature or planeswalker.
2. Must be based off one of the characters from the Legends set.
3. No anonymous entries.
4. No old entries.
5. While I'm not going to be too much of a stickler on this, it is highly advised that you use correct formatting for your card. This means centering text, making sure text doesn't run out of the box, correct terminology, correctly ordered mana symbols, etc. If you turn in a sloppy card, that means you obviously didn't care enough to make it look good, which means I probably won't look too favorably upon it.
6. Maximum 3 entries per person.
7. For obvious reasons, I'm going to leave out Nicol Bolas from the contest. All the other Elder Dragons are still fair game, however.

The contest ends November 7. As for prizes, while I generally don't like "giving out" favorites, I will ensure that the top 3 are added to the -HALL OF FAME-, as well as listing any honorable mentions.

With all that said, if any of you have any questions, feel free to ask. Other than that, happy smithing!


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