Kaladesh/Zendikar-esque Art

Hello, everyone!

Some of you may have noticed that I've been making a string of Kaladesh inspired cards. I've developed somewhat of an obsession with Kaladesh, Ravnica, and Zendikar--an obsession that has reached the point of creating Custom Card Sets based on all three. Ravnica-inspired art is relatively easy to find, but good Zendikar or Kaladesh art that isn't official from WotC. I was wondering if anyone has found good, or even decent, Kaladesh or Zendikar fan-made art that I could use for my sets.

As always, any help is much appreciated!


  • Good ways to get fan-art for these sets is Tumbler and (of course) Devian art, just look up these site names with the name of the set preceding them.
  • Artstation's also pretty good.
  • I've already used DeviantArt and Artstation, but I'll see if I can find anything on Tumblr.
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