Weekly challenge: Build a Set

This is just what it sounds like, I will prime plot from time to time and you guys help each other construct a plane's worth of cards based off of the plot i lay, but it is your job to lay plot too! Add nice flavor or explain only a tidbit (no more than 6 sentences) worth of plot around the card you posted.

Now, this is a challenge. So every week on Saturday will be a plot prime and an elected 'winner' of the week for the coolest card/plot advancement. I will be here thought most of the week for clarifications or help. (every Saturday unless i give notice.)

The winner per week will be mentioned and notified, if/when you win, send me a personal message of which cards (up to 6!) you would like me to favorite. You may enter any number of cards!

Do your best with pictures, don't beat yourself up/not make the card! Just do your best.


And here is the first bit of primer for all y'all!

The plane is called Allesio. Rings of stones channel planar energy to create incredible forms of power, (Callanish stones, Stonehenge.) Knights and warlocks are almost the same thing as they have accessed what they believe to be their soul to make themselves more powerful. (Using mana to change what their physical boundaries are by accessing astral boundaries.)

Good luck! Have fun! All the nitty-gritty characters, places, and how it turns out is up to you!
(you can throw in the gatewach and combat the actual lore if you like.)


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