Confrontation challenges - Expedition to Anigrima

Each week i will reveal a confrontation or challenge for you to overcome.
You will however not be alone. You will all together create a "deck" which will face the confrontation.

These will be given during the confrontations:
* Objective - the criteria which must be fulfilled for the confrontation to be completed.
* Restrictions and availabilities - Limitations to your cards and what you have access to.
* Story - a explanation of what the scenario is about and some flavor information.
* Battleground - Cards that are either your opponent, neutral or ally during the confrontation.
* Misc - number of cards per participant and cards in the deck

I will judge each card with a point system based on the following:
* Flavor (based on the given scenario)
* Logic (From a fantasy perspective, think "would it work in a real fantasy scenario")
* Power/efficiency (what it contributes to the confrontation and at what cost)
* Synergy (What it contributes together with other cards)

* Miscellaneous (given artist or source, card layout, grammar etc.)
* Balance

Your cards will be judged individually and the best deck will then be created from these cards.
So remember, a group of individuality weak cards may together create a powerful deck if the synergy is strong.

* Participants will get 1 Favorited card upon succeeded confrontations.
* Everyone that is included in the deck will receive 2 favorites.
* Smith that create a "perfect card" will be honorable mentioned and receive 2 favorites of their choice & a follow.

The time for each confrontation is one week but this may vary. (Friday - Friday)
For a confrontation to be judged i want at least twice amount of entries compared to the deck size.
The Confrontations will continue for as long as there is interest by the community or until i can't maintain it anymore.
Feedback is very much appreciated!
Good luck and most important have fun!


  • Example

    These are old cards so they are somewhat lacklusting in quality and lacks artists/sources.

    The demon Hidroxus and his minions are going rampage in the countryside, killing and burning everything they stumble upon.

    image image image

    Elise, Velorian Archangel have taken up arms to take down this troublemaker.

    Objective: Help Velise destroy Hidroxus and his minions.

    * Available colors - red & white
    * Cardtypes - Creature
    * Mana cost: 5 or less

    * Deck size - 3 cards
    * 1 card per person.

    lets say that these are the entries that are best suited for the deck based on synergy, power, flavor and efficiency.

    image image image

    Hidroxus ability will not be able to kill the knights, Velorian Recruit makes a good defence against the hounds & the brawler while making up for the lost life due to the brawler. Eveliin & Elise makes sure that the offence is always rewarded.

    Conclusion: success

    The real confrontation challenges will only consist of new cards or old cards that has been remade if these lack the quality i mentioned earlier. The instructions will be clearer and the "story" more fleshed-out.
    So for the real challenges, remember to make cards that benefits the objective but also has a good synergy with the other cards your fellow smiths have created.
    This is a just-for-fun challenge and no contest. you are not supposed to make cards that are better than other entries but cards that works well with them.

    I hope that you will all find this very entertaining and that we become quite many as this takes quite much time to prepare.

    The real challenge begins this Friday.
  • What do you guys think?
    Is this challenge an interesting concept or is it too complicated and demanding of the smiths?
    I appreciate criticism as any criticism is good for the sake of me improving the challenge.
    Or maybe you want to wait for the first confrontation before you make any comments about it as i don't know if the community have any experience with this kind of cooperation challenges.
  • I get the idea, it's at the very least something I'd love to try even for once. Rather than one card to deal's a lot of them.
  • I like these contests! I will enter soon
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  • I know this doesn't seem to fit with the angels, but here is the story, An old naga that had trained in an ancient monastery learning cunning, and trickery. The demons had destroyed the monastery, so Samonthon joined in the battle to get revenge.
  • @Credius Wethever it is one or multiple cards that are the objective is different from week to week. There will however always be a minimum of 3 chosen cards in the deck so even if there is only 1 enemy card the smith should take into consideration the other entries and work with them.

    @zizick123 I think you might have missunderstood, or maybe my instructions are confusing.
    The scenario i gave about Hidroxus is just an example of an confrontation or challenge.

    I will each week release a confrontation/challenge wich you guys will cooporate to defeat by making cards under some restrictions such as:
    * Available colors
    * Manacost
    * Cardtypes
    * Mechanics or ideas

    The cards should strive to overcome a given objective or help the deck to reach this objective.
    These will be chosen due to power, synergy, flavor, relevance for the scenario, balance etc.
  • alright, i will adjust my entry accordingly! Sorry about that.
  • @zizick123 don't worry about it, you don't need to adjust anything yet though as the challenge begins today, i just need to get some free time and finish it then i'll post it here :)
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    The first confrontation challenge


    At the southern coast where the Asenthian mainland and the Lecian sea meet each other there lies the small city of Lecin Seldona. The city relies on two income sources to sustane its economy. The fish of the lecian sea is extra plentiful around Lecin Seldona and have sustained the city for hundred of years.
    It was later discovered that the nearby mountain Kvar contained red stone that contain fragments of the ancient vulcano Ashtorn whos fire had since long died out, at least that is what the people believed.

    As time passed, the workers in the mine started to recognize that the mountain started to "bleed". the red ore started to crack and the surrounding bedrock started to move and increase drasticly in temperature. The authorities kept the mining active but they hired mages that could cool down the mountain during the operation. This did work for some time but the mountain became more aggresive and the heat became too much so the operation was ordered to stop.

    For some time it seemed like the red ore had calmed down but it would not last for long. The wound was too deep into the mountain. during the days after the bedrock began too fleet and the ore swelled, only the most experienced mages could even go down into mountain now without risking their lives.
    The following days the ore started to "scream" and magma started to slip out of the ore.
    The circumstances had become too violent so an expert wizard in Lecin Meldana was sent after but the message would not arrive in time.

    That same night the are was exposed to strange eaerthquakes and the mountain started to glow red by lava that had escaped through new cracks and the mining shaft. When the whole mountain was more or less covered in lava, did it start to move. It raised itself up and revealed a golem like form, just much much larger. A bunch of messengers was drectly sent to get reinforcements from Lecin Meldana, Charktos and Alemar of the Lecian Isles. The now standing creature that had earlier been the mountain Kvar had started to move towards the city. The city guard was already preparing their defences from the creature.


    *You take the roll of the city guard of Lecin Seldona.
    You will have access to the forces of Seldona and it's mages and wizards but also other factors which depends on your imagination.
    *Kvar the Molten Mountain is far away and moves slowly so you have some time to prepare the defence.
    *Kvar is extremely huge so destructional spells are nonsensical.
    *Try too keep some logic in the cards, that is what cards would do in "real life" against a movinf mountain. fantasy-wise that is.
    *Cooporate together so you'll survive the beast.

    Objective: defend Lecin Seldona from Kvar the Molten Mountain until reinforcements arrive.

    Available colors: White, blue & red
    Available card types: Creatures, sorceries, instants & enchantments.
    Maximum mana cost of 5.

    Cards per person: 2 (you may change the cards how many times you like)
    Cards that will be chosen for the deck: 5

    The challenge closes Friday the 10'th 18:00 GMT+0 (London Time)
    Good luck and have fun!
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    Tidebinder Mage is a good place to start.
  • @Faiths_Guide it is indeed a powerful and challenge breaking card but it is not really flavor full card. A small 2/2 merfolk that prevent a gigantic mountain to move.

    I'll add that the cards should have some "real-life" flavor and logic if that is possible to imagine.
  • @Jonteman93 It may be hard to add much logic, as we are but a city guard fighting a moving mountain- which is in fact larger than the largest creature in the game, a reality-tearing eldritch abomination that eats worlds.
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    @Brainifyer Thank you for your feedback
    yeah. i'm new in this kind of challenge so it is a challenge for me as well to give a proper explanation.
    Kvar is indeed larger than the eldrazi card-wise but power comparison by lore he is way weaker as his power lies simply in his size fueled by the red ore. He is quite unstable otherwise.
    But you are most likely right so i reduce his power a little to prevent confusion that he is more powerful than the eldrazis.

    the logic part is mostly put into the instruction to prevent card from being too effective such as path to exile and swords to plowshares effects, there would be no challenge then.

    the "city guard" is technically correct but not metaphorically. some examples what these city guards have access too instead of only card types.
    They have access to ordinary soldiers, mages (as in the "story"). laws/enchantments so that people either retreat or similar.
    But for the most part i want to see what you can create out of the restrictions which are given.

    I understand if the instructions are very vague now, i hope that it this will decrease and the instructions will be more clear as i gain more experience.
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    Heres my entry's, seems like a fun challenge.

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    oops, didn't read the reality rule
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  • One of the mages that had joined the fight was Anue, a master cryomancer (Ice wizard). She and a group of other mages began creating a large stockpile of ice on the mountain, waiting for the time that they could release it on the beast.
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  • Thank you for your entries guys!
    I have simplified the instructions to avoid unnecessary information that may only confuse the participants. I hope the new instructions are clear enough.

    However, i'll need at least 5 more entries until this Friday for the challenge to be judged.
    Otherwise i'll let you guys decide if i should extend the deadline or if i should change the scenario, (Kvar is not the most interesting of opponents and his size is quite confusing when compared to other real mtg cards.)
  • As it seems like just now we will not make it for the deadline.
    Should i expand the deadline for the weekend or should i make a new confrontation which hopefully is more interesting?
  • @Jonteman93 - I will enter soon.
  • I'll try and make some more, but recently work's been swamping me
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    I will make a new confrontation this Friday and judge this one whatever the number of entries have increased or not as we do have the deck size of entries.

    I will give you guys the opportunity to chose the next confrontation scenario and how long you want the deadline to be as 1 week may be too short.
    The scenarios that are available for the moment are as follows:

    1* Some Safiran rebels have taken over an important trade settlement, The leonin Kafrím have gathered his loyal warriors and headed out to take back the settlement from the rebels.

    2* The queen of Vallarheim have ordered an expedition to the frozen continent of Anigrima. The sea and land is filled with huge monsters and beasts but Breghorn suggest they might avoid running into these if they can take the right path.

    3* The region of Dacri is under attack by the undead Sahkin. Dacri is an important region as it houses the Dacri temples and the Dacri lighthouse. If the sakhin would take over the city the coastline would fall into darkness without hope of guiding the passing ships.

    4* Ludviic have been sent on a mission by Hadraniel to find the lost city of Velhmor where the masterwork of the second seraphim resides.

    Or maybe you prefer something else?
    Also, would you like that i increase the deadline to two weeks or is it fine with one week if the scenario is interesting enough?
  • image

    @Jonteman93 - I think scenario #2 is interesting.
  • @Jonteman93 Is it too late to enter?
    I think that #2 is the best one of those options.
  • @SpiritDragon no it is not :)
    I will end it in about two hours as i decieded to finish the prework for the second challenge before I end the first.
  • Zargrild Fridal is a pirate who preys upon the citizens of Lecin Seldona. When he realized that the volcano would destroy his prey, he decided to join the fight, knowing that he could never truly die.
  • @Djayhero @Credius @zizick123 @snowyriver21 @TenebrisNemo @SpiritDragon

    Conclusion: Success!
    Because i don't want to leave one person alone outside of the deck, i included all of you.
    I will thus give all of you 3 favorites for success and inclusion in the deck.

    My objective to you was to protect Lecin Seldona from Kvar and you guys went out and destroyd him...
    Well this was a misstake by me as it was intended that Kvar's death would destroy the city if the damage could not be prevented.
    As i missed to give the this information in the instruction, i can't really include it in the conclusion.
    You did indeed succeed based on these instructions so - success!
    On my part - Lesson learned!

    what actually happened
    I have not had time to quality write this section so it is quite loosly based on the real outcome.

    The forces of Lecin Seldona would bombard Kvar with balista bolts and spells of frost and lightning to slow down the golem.
    Fighting on the battlefield would not work by the pure heat of Kvar's body so the armed forces would gather sparkling powder and other chemicals from the trade ships and put them on the field which would create explosions by Kvar's heat when he moved by.
    This would not work efficiently but it would work good enough.
    Kvar would trample over river and forest, causing a huge amount of black smoke to cover the city.
    The people and guards had at this point retreated to the harbor as Kvar stepped through the outer wall.
    Only moments after the golem had trampled over the outer market reinforcement arrived.

    image image

    Amelia, leader of the Lecian Isles and the most powerful angel at the southern sea had arrived and pushed the golem out of the city where it falled apart. Kvar would however be rebuilt by skillful mages to a golem made of only the red ore but its wounds healed. this was done so that it would not rise again later even angrier. The golem, now without pain would leave the city behind and walk north.

    Next Confronation challenge

    The next challenge will be the expedition to Anigrima.
    I still have some work and i'll try to avoid holes in the instructions so i will not be able to post it for some hours.
    If you want to start brainstorming here is some info.

    The available colors will be blue, red and green.
    You will be required to have at least one ship for the expedition.
    You'll need to explore (fetch for lands) to scout the regions so that the more dangerous monsters can be avoided.
    You'll need to explore for islands, forests and mountains respectively to avoid unfavorable encounters in these regions.
    If you encounter opposition you'll need warriors or something else to defeat the monsters and survive.
    So you will not face any static monsters as those you'll face depends on your exploration.

    For this confrontation i will not declare a deck size until i know the number of entries.
    The deadline will be 2 weeks instead of 1.
    The difficulty level will be higher.

    Thank you again for participation and see you later.
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