Assembly-Worker Challenge

Who here is disappointed by the lack of Assembly-Workers! When kaladesh came out, I was insanely happy to see them back, but having 6 cards around them still is not enough for a good deck.
Here they are:["Assembly-Worker"]
There is also Mishra's and Urza's factories BTW.

So, in this challenge, you have been challenged to make more Assembly-Worker cards! Make a legendary one, sure! Make it a Assembly-Worker tribal artifact, or even instant or sorcery? Go ahead! Make an Assembly-Worker that has nothing to do with helping other Assembly-Workers? Fine! Maximum of 3 entries per person!

Cards will be eligible for winning if it:
-Assembly-Worker related
-Is thematic to constructing anything, the normal Assembly-Worker vibes
-Is well-balanced
-Is an original idea
(Old cards may be submitted)


Good luck! Get smithing! All entries get a like and an honorable mention at the end of the contest. And of course, a chance to win.

-1st place:
6 cards of their choice will get a like.
-2nd place:
4 cards will get a like
3rd place:
2 cards

Contest is over by 11/9/17, Good luck again!


  • I'll just kick this one off I guess xD

  • image

    "In the battle of Argoth, Urza revealed Mishra to be a construct of flesh and Phyrexian metal. When Mishra completely abandoned his humanity to attack his brother, Urza released an enormous burst of power that destroyed both Mishra and the sentient forest they were fighting over.".. or so it was thought. Later "During the events of Apocalypse, Urza, mesmerized by sights of Phyrexia, abandoned his fight and descended deep into the core of the world of glistening oil to bow before Yawgmoth. On his way, he met the body of Mishra deep in the Center of Phyrexia, wrecked with fresh pain and torments day in, day out, asking brother to help him out. However, as the entirety of Phyrexia is the direct product of Yawgmoth, and adding to that the somewhat unstable state of Urza's mind at the moment (or rather one could say it was never stable, especially with regard to his brother's demise), we can not be sure if it was really Mishra, who somehow survived the Sylex Blast; an apparition presented by Yawgmoth to further stress and confuse the great planeswalker; or merely Urza's hallucination." However, it was none of these. It was a vision of things occurring on another plane. Mishra was lost and feverishly tortured by his recent wounds, whether or not he would survive was an uncertainty.
  • @Faiths_Guide it's in the rules and the title of the contest, they need to be Assembly-Worker type creatures...
  • @Credius
    Ya, thought you might allow it. But, my premium deactivated again, and I've exceeded my card limit...
  • edited November 2017
    stoopid card limits!
  • The card does not HAVE to be assembly-worker type, sorry about the confusion, it has to do something with assembly-workers, nice mishra too BTW.
  • @keplerde

    it is confusing when you write it like this:

    Cards will be eligible for winning if it:
    -Is an Assembly-Worker

    perhaps you should remove that
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    Assembly-Workers are cool!
    image image
  • @Flatfish , I like Urza's Builder
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    Here are the Results:
  • edited November 2017
    Urza's builder has first place by @Flatfish !
    Mishra, crippled genius has 2nd place by @Faiths_Guide
    Artificer's assistant has 3rd place by @Credius

    Post the cards you would like me to favorite soon!
  • Choose anything you like.
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