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This Set did not work out :(


  • Cool, what are the mana colors going to be??
  • Kingdom names and colors? Would like to see how this goes.
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  • Keep up the good work. Looks like a lot of effort will be going into it just based on the colors and deep lore.
  • I’ve always wanted to make a set like this! Will there be the horsemanship mechanic, like in Portal Three Kingdoms?
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    There will be horsemanship! And battle cry! I have not really started the set to actually figure all of the kingdoms out! I also plan to do this tiny set (there will be less re-print stuff / really basic creatures.) and then another, where Sahchicen will be more prominent. Oh, and maybe devoid return and more ugin stuff.

    Now that i see that comment, help would be appreciated / ideas!

    ....And pictures! Jeez.... pictures.
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  • @keplerde By pictures I'm assuming art for the cards. If you figure out how to navigate the website Artstation since I have no idea, there's some really cool concept and finished fantasy art there. I just went through a chinese(presumably) artists collection and saw some really cool stuff.
  • I did find artstation! I think I will be using that if i can, figure how to navigate conveniently.
  • @Shadikal12345 @keplerde

    To navigate artstation, there’s a search bar at the top in which you can type various keywords or artist names to find what you’re looking for. On mobile, you can use a drop down menu to access the search.
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    Why thank you @Lujikul !
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