I'm already running the Exchange challenge and this is probably too many contests to be running at once, but I just can't wait for this one.

In ancient rome, a staple of living was gladiatorial battles in the Colosseum. Slaves, criminals, war prisoners, and bankrupt citizens would be forced to train under an experienced gladiator. When "game day" rolled around, they would all call out the traditional words spoken before the contest, "Hail, caesar! We, who are about to die, salute you!" and then be forced to fight to the death in the hot sun on the sandy floor of an arena. However, not all gladiators were the same. Each gladiator trained in one of many styles and generally always fought against gladiators with a style not of their own. the most prominent listed below-

-ANDABATUS: Rides a horse and carries a lance, blinded by a helmet without eyeholes.
-BESTIARUS: Trained to fight animals, sometimes with their own tamed animals.
-ESSEDARIUS: Drives a chariot, throws javelins at high speeds.
-RETARIUS: Immobilizes opponent with a fishing net, uses a fisherman's spear. Left arm and shoulder are armored.
-THRACIAN: Uses a small shield and dagger, but has leg armor.
-SAMNITE: No armor, uses a large shield, heavy helmet, and a sword.
-DIMACHAERIUS: Little armor, fights with two swords.
-SECUTOR: Lightly armed, dagger wielding shielded fighter that focuses on speed.
-VELITUS: Armed only with a spear.

The challenge is to create a creature or legendary creature with the custom creature type "gladiator" that fits one of the nine archetypes outlined above. The flavor here is roman themed, but not necessarily set in earth's Rome. You may set your card in Theros, Earth, or any other world you choose, or leave the world unspecified. Try to fit the card's mechanics around it's archetype, such as having a secutor have flash and haste, retirees tapping creatures, and so on.

Judging will be based on how balanced, usable, and thematically accurate the cards are. Please keep cards serious and of good quality (correct color order, correct grammar/wording, etc.) All cards must be a creature that clearly has one of the types above. Card limit is three cards per person. Deadline is, as with my other contest, December 1st. All entries will get a favorite if they follow the rules.

First: follow, three favorites
Second: three favorites
Third: two favorites
Honorable Mentions: one favorite

Hail Caesar, we who are about to cardsmith salute you!


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