KanColle EDH Deck

So, after I finished my Fate/Grand Order deck, I created a KanColle deck that splashes Strike Witches, High School Fleet, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, and a bit of Fate and Izetta as well.


It has 80 cards broken down into;

1 planeswalker
48 creatures
3 artifacts
8 instance/sorcery
6 enchantments
9 non-basic lands
5 tokens


Would you two mind going through it for balance checking? I know some have incorrect borders, and I'll be going through to correct all of those, but on rules, I want to be sure the cards are mana balanced. There are a few I think might be underpowered, and a few I think might be OP. The commander is Akeno, the planeswalker.

Please note that I already know I failed to write colorless for everything that creates Bomber and Fighter tokens. If I can make the cards have the space to fit it, I will add it when I go through the set again, but if a card or two doesn't have colorless, the tokens clearly are, so I'm not that concerned (since it's all just for this one set).


  • The creature types are set by class, since they are supposed to be ships. As such, all Aircraft Carriers (CV) make flying tokens of fighters, bombers, or abyssal aircraft. All Battleships (BB) pack a punch and have either very high defense abilities or ramping attack abilities. Heavy Cruisers (CA) have anti air capabilities to counter flyers and generate mana, while Light Cruisers (CL) have deck management abilities to support the fleet. Destroyers (DD) are fast attack ships that won't live long (probably), and submarines (SS) are can't be blocked, but also cannot block in turn.
  • I'll be happy to look! Thanks for the background info.
  • @Platypusburger

    Thanks! I look forward to seeing your comments.
  • Alright, I've gone through your set and left comments where appropriate. Overall, I like how much your Cardsmithing has improved. You're getting quite good both at wording and balancing.
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    Can't wait to check your cards when we get back from our flight tomorrow.
  • @Platypusburger

    Thanks! I’ll review all the comments and revise the set over the break. Thank you for looking at them! ^_^


    Where were you that you’ve been traveling? Anywhere nice?
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    A resort out in Mexico. Very nice place called Iberostar.

    11/10 would recommend.
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