Let's talk about this new set Unstable.

Well, Unstable looks pretty lit! Contraption deck, Steamflogger Boss, Earl of Squirrel... Everyone has something to be hyped about.
Me, I am excited for Kindly Cognician in my r/u artifact deck, but what about you?
Post about what you're hyped about!
EDIT: I accidentally posted in C&C for half a sec there. Sorry!


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    Its kinda weird but i really like how the land cards Look lol
  • @Djayhero All the Un-set lands are popular. Unhinged lands were, and sometimes still are, used by tons of people. So it's justified!
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21 I also like the sword of dungeons and dragons, i like the reference and it seems like an interesting card.
    But damn those lands look great epically the islands
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    I'm looking to get all the contraption cards for Commander. Then our playgroup is allowed a separate sideboard of unstable cards that aren't unbalanced. Such as, the contraption theme cards.

    Aside from that, I wanna see a pro dice roller get twenty dragons in one turn. Then make another player concede. (Just so I can say I've seen it!)
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